В терапии должна быть энергия

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Often the process of therapy is suspended or even it becomes impossible to continue, when the energy of feelings and inner desires are blocked.

Why might that happen?

There are topics to approach which is very difficult and sometimes seems impossible. These topics are such secrets that people remember, but can't tell anyone. Usually this injury, after which a person experiences feelings of shame or final of "corruption". These injuries are also frequently associated with abuse, themes of sexuality and appearance.

that person keeps these feelings secret and to give him some energy that he's afraid to lose if you tell about them.

Injury can be embedded into identity and discover that you're not the worst person on earth, not the stupid, ugly, incapable, might be the fact that person taking it the most important negative definition of itself, its uniqueness, certainty, or rather what he used to determine, often from childhood and with which he most identified.

it is Also a story about them often forces you to get in touch with compassion for myself that may seem unbearable, if the person survived the injury, through treatment of the anger and for themselves, identify with the aggressor, as often happens.

that is, when cognitive and affective bases of identity are questioned.

Negative labels and words through which we most often refer to themselves and hard feelings we often call ourselves, I just can't disappear because neural connections are unable to move quickly. Therefore, affective arousal, and the severity of the internal state can be further enhanced when we ourselves can track the moment when such reactions are run in the us before the reaction to around us or even in spite of the difference of their reaction formed from the injury.

in addition, deliberately people are afraid to come across in your address aggression as afraid to show aggression outward. Inside of the wounded and vulnerable state difficulties understanding therapist pain client, his injuries, can also already be perceived as aggression, rejection. And this condition is projected onto the therapist, and from it there is no doubt that he will not be destroyed and/or will not react with rage in response.

Here you can say that the desire to destroy, to cause another the same pain that he experienced, almost automatic and involuntary, it is necessary to take and to stop being afraid, because it cannot destroy the therapist that is not in the stressful situation of the client, and therefore not identificireba with those against whom his fury is directed.

Also, there are injuries such force that the desire and even necessity fails, and the client need to feel, to experience that the therapist has experienced pain in response to the "attack" and only then you may receive access to a private pain and a deeply wounded inner parts.

it can help the understanding of the empathic therapist and so will be in some degree wounded, truly wounded by a perception of what happened with the client, what kind of cruelty or indifference what is possible in the world and has been experienced by the client. It can not affect, injure to some extent, and sometimes to shake and even shift the performance of the therapist that may occur in life that one person can cause another.

And this is the sense of ownership that can help the client to feel the empathy towards myself and my own pain and to overcome the fixation only on the split-off earlier rage or dissociation.

can Also be a feeling of stalemate and the loss of energy in therapy, just when the client starts to discover a great therapist myself, another perception of some events, in fact the distance of the therapeutic attitudes, words and therapeutic interventions therapist to this position dissimilarity, the support to the merger of save. And it can be experienced very painfully, because it gives the experience that the client in their suffering is still very lonely and you can understand it like only once in that suffering completely identificeres with them.

But having undergone this pain and it is possible to find a way out, understanding, awareness of something new and with this new identity, different from the usual feelings of helplessness and despair. And the output will be your own, different from the positions and views of the therapist as it also exerts pressure in the direction of identifying with him, his professional and personal qualities.

And this is one of the most valuable acquisitions in therapy, acquisition of the ability to withdrawal some nevlastnili in the usual affects and traumatic experiences, which gives the choice to respond to new situations that resonate with the traumatic and himself in these situations, a variety of new ways.

So the person acquires the interest, the focus on themselves and not on the other, on what's going on with him, paradoxically, while remaining free from automatic vnutripsihicheskoy, and often playing interpersonal trauma.

And it gives a lot of energy, experience, what you can be anything, say anything, to feel and believe whatever you want, to show any desire to react, how to feel, if their implementation is impossible.

That is a therapeutic position gives time and space to exhaust the traumatic charge, gives him the ability to play in space therapy in a safe way, without stopping and blocking the ancient affective impulses.

So gradually after vytalyivna more ancient and barely controllable affective reactions, reduced ability to make residence injury verbalized, symbolized, and lost in the imagination and interpersonal communications as long as necessary to ensure that all unfinished was completed, and that the affects and the pain turned to peace and contentment. br>
Often during these processes, are detected and suppressed creative charge, it stops the ability to influence their lives and individual situations in it that allows for their transformation into valuable and most comfortable content vnutripsihicheskoy, without the irresistible desire to convert the communication partner.

Thus, the process of therapy is similar to thermodynamic processes: compression and transition of psychic energy inside, and then the multiple expansion of mental space, when one begins to learn and take finally their true inner boundaries.

the Accommodations in these difficult, but important steps creates, in the end, a sense of liberation, changes the quality of life, helps the person to gain the credibility to successfully resolve internal and interpersonal conflicts and to overcome the negative impact of unconscious complexes.

And also allows you to relive the fun of the fullness of its internal content, as originally psychic energy, does not carry "positive" or "negative" charge.

Solomonova Maria
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