В защиту красивых.

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Long thought to write or not on this topic, but maybe my thoughts became more Mature form, and I finally decided to share with You.

At some point, as if quite by accident, read a few articles about how hard it is to live ugly, what a difficult and lonely fate of thin/thick/low/high/maimed/oblique/etc. It seems that pretty lucky in life and they do not have to fight for survival like all the others. Beautiful, gentle fate has brought all the blessings and joy of life on a blue platter with a gold platter. The General background of suffering ugly, beautiful be Frank thorn, which prevent to live. But surprisingly, in the psychologist's office, pretty much as ugly. Understand that the concept of beauty is relative and everyone has their own idea on the subject, so I suggest in this context to consider the word beauty, just without his analysis.

to Cite just a few examples:

- a beautiful and handsome man 40 years, request: "tired to be a lover tired of women's attention. I have no opportunity even to care for them, women are following me from all sides. Over time, lazy and feeling his doom in the family";

a handsome man, 30 years old: "I'm constantly taking pictures, and I want to meet and learn how to build relationships, but do not have time. One after another, and nobody is interested in me. How do I build my life?"

a female doll, 30 years: "since childhood I have been taught that I am beautiful like a doll, I'm able to care for him and nice to sit in the chair. I want to run ruffled through the kitchen and to fry the meatballs, but like conspire, I'm always showing someone, I don't feel human."

a woman with beautiful Breasts, 40: "I hate my Boobs, but it all react. And as soon as a man looks at my Breasts, I cringe, and I realize that you are ready to break all around. Why are they only interested in my body, why no one sees me?"

- dumb blonde with Baumansky education, 40: "I since the childhood the blonde to giggle and can't have to show off. I'm so tired to bear the image of the dumb blonde, as if I didn't change their behavior, the reaction of the same people. He defended his doctoral on the way, but I constantly hear whisper, when I walk into almost any team, with their ironic comment: "this time we will tell our Blondie?" or "what clever ideas from our chrysalis, straight coming from her lovely mouth."

This is just an examples, which hides a form of mass manipulation and outright torture on beautiful people. How many more untold stories of sexual harassment like beautiful girls and boys, how much ridicule they had to endure in his address to regain its place under the sun, and not the place of the beautiful person next to you wants to light up.

there is another interesting point in relation to beauty. I would say the moment - the ugly duckling Vice versa. From the ugly duckling has been a lot of attention because of its uniqueness, the so-called ugliness. Beautiful as kick, poke them with your finger. Some of them there is a strong tension, and they begin to hide their beauty, to be ashamed of it, to perceive its beauty as a defect. Outwardly manifested in the desire to not be noticeable, start to slouch, to hide the face under the hair to disfigure herself.

So strange, it turns out that beautiful people are also in need of protection, understanding, caring, kindness, love, recognition, acceptance, and an ugly man, as any man in principle.

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