Вагинальный оргазм.

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Start with the fact that now a lot of different literature on the topic of orgasm. But it is very little sanctified from the point of view of practice, and as a result, the reader is unable to understand something important, maybe something that concerns him personally. I'm not going to analyze theoretical material, You'll be able to do if you want.

You, dear readers, to convey information based on my real experience with the clients with the challenge of reaching vaginal orgasm. This will enable You to get some knowledge that will help You to understand something more.

you Can, of course, to solve the problem superficially, through medical and other drugs to boost female libido and achieve orgasm, etc. But I, as a practicing sex therapist working with clients in this area, still, you are an advocate greater detail — when the problem can be removed completely once and for all.

In the beginning, I want to clarify that we can get working with troubled States that are associated with vaginal orgasm. Changes can occur in three directions.

1. We remove the obstacles to the vaginal orgasm, i.e. parse and solve those situations that contributed to this. And in women all at once, it often depends more on the temperament and passion, plus the elimination of limiting factors.

2. Next, we change the situation that allows us to understand the woman, how this can be achieved. What she needs what resource state. This can be only a transitional moment. If a woman is not fully ready, you can create the conditions for her vaginal orgasm, increasing her willingness (need time to "ripen").

3. The problem just ceases to be a problem. This is also an option, just remove the problematic situation. This allows the person to open up. Not to think, for example, about how he looks in this moment, or how he wants the vaginal orgasm, a kind of obsession, and just as they say: "relax and enjoy".

I Note that everyone chooses depending on their readiness and need. Here it is impossible to give any advice.

So, working as a sex therapist with a client from Moscow, we came to the problem of vaginal orgasm. Traced the following: a clitoral orgasm she was experiencing, and vaginal was the problem.

They were received mainly in adolescence and age 20 years. In this case, the problems had their basis in several components.

the First was what is often characteristic of women — shame to admit that vaginal orgasm was never. We saved her from shame and pretense, instead she got emancipation; your confidence as a woman; the disclosure of new possibilities.

the Next problem state – judging others (which are quick and easy sexual contacts). It was expressed that client as if pricked with needles inside, and prevented completely relax. Instead, understanding that this was a positive moment that keeps her from unnecessary ties, and a different view: "I don't care who does. It's their choice and I don't have nothing to do with it. Do not think for others, think for yourself."

Next came an interesting twist related to the subject "all men are bastards", but the interpretation was not so, as is usually perceived. From this conviction flowed the following: "all men want only one thing, to use a woman and all," she said, "turn to the wall and sleep." This state she perceived as the pins in my legs, by the way, she realized the problem when feet sometimes ached and ached. It's like time was associated with this situation.

the Following point: "to Live without men. Without them lighter and easier" is it to her aunt, who constantly complained about her husband. And for my client then got out the other side of the beliefs of his aunt, who told her that the man has nothing to hope for, hence only a clitoral orgasm.

Summarizing what You learned today, I want to say that I, as a sexologist, helped her to study and to change this situation, and my client realized the main thing: "I feel the love and trust of men, and in particular to her husband. Everything happens to me everything is in order. Trust yourself and follow me." She felt a wave of calm.

At the end of the visual range appeared her husband, who took her by the hand, and it seems that the situation is resolved completely.

Well, in the completion of this work, I will give You the words once said by albert Einstein: "problems Cannot be solved at the same level at which it originated. We need to rise above this problem up to the next level."

I want to add: "the Choice is yours. Whether it is necessary to solve, or maybe it's not a problem? Any Your answer will be right for You".

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