Вагинизм – причины, лечение. Дефлорация. Перезапись негативного сексуального сценария

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let me Start with the fact that for girls this "procedure" as deflowering can be quite painful, so much that even if she wasn't, the lady is already in your mind have all experienced: conceivable flour.

Sooner or later almost all women pass this phase of my life as defloration. Little one he was so joyful painless. In principle, the maximum most of the girls are ready, and now, because of modern trends, they prefer not to tighten long with a relatively problematic stage of his life.

Now I was a client of Moscow. Age girls for twenty, like, have to lose their virginity. Not to say that complexity defloration brought her in horror. It is, in all likelihood, even through this procedure at an earlier age (several years ago). Then the girl was in a relationship with a guy who fraudulently brought to the intima. He promised that they would not even have sex, he will just try... and if she is a virgin, he was ready to marry her.

At the crucial moment, as one would expect, the guy couldn't stop, and it all happened... To the girl it was a definite psychological trauma. The relationship further in nothing grew, and when they caught each other's eyes, it is Delhi that is unfamiliar. Hence, for years, my client from Moscow, is locked in itself, and all negative status lived in it still, making it difficult to start a full sex life, and fixed on the topic of vaginismus.

Now on her way met a guy. It looked quite serious, but she "did not allow him to the body," and sex didn't exist. Attended petting, a vivid foreplay, and even a few samples of the introduction of the penis, but it was not successful.

With that, I began to work as a sex therapist, psychotherapist and family psychologist, analyzing the main causes that were an obstacle to sex. Here at forefront the inability to relax, and the condition is very painful.

that relate to the topic of pain, it was geared for the first traumatic sex. Then, as he said my client from Moscow: it was missionary position, and when they now try sex in this position, then it causes maximum pain, and if, for example, attempt sex is the position "on the side", or otherwise, the pain is not so strong.

In this situation, emerged the clear lead in the first story. I, as a sexologist, psychotherapist, and family therapist, was able to remove it, and the client realized that the pain was not from the poses, and the thoughts with which it was linked (typical problem). After clarify the situation, the pain became less, therefore, sexy women's problem has been gradually resolved.

Next came an interesting twist in our psychotherapy. Since the deflowering took place then, but now my client from Moscow had to accept everything that happened in itself, without unnecessary complexity. To do this, we removed the General negative background of the story, and changed the scenario of the problem the first sex. Of girls I, as a psychotherapist, sexologist and marriage counselor, removed fear and negative attitude. Instead, we added the willingness to have sex has taken place. From the guy we nailed in her visual neutrality in the conduct in terms of displays of affection, adding more affection, tenderness.

In principle, the sex happened in a fairly nice apartment and a clean bed, and after a couple has remained together until morning. Nothing explicitly negative was not, perhaps, the only point of deception. We removed, as the traumatic episode in the topic of vaginismus.

our work was suspended, as the time of admission has expired. And, in principle, the client needs to understand the situation, finding themselves in difficult moments, and likely to try sex.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

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