There is an interesting question being asked by many: are all capable of love? It's not luck life, or real art, as claimed by the famous psychologist Erich Fromm. br>
I believe that all people are able to love and able to be loved. As well as happy. But all the "personal front" person will have to deal with the responsibility. And nothing else. br>
Love, relationships are not for the pen to go along Nevsky prospect. I admit, I have had this belief for a very long time and even in adulthood. Such a mental picture before my eyes: here we go, hand in hand, along the Nevsky prospect on a warm summer evening, the lights and Windows look pleasing, a good feeling inside. We go to a recital in the theatre Konstantin Raikin, and we are so good together — talking, kissing. But it turned out that love is not only magic moments, although these are of course necessary and wonderful part of a relationship. br>
for me, love? To this question I answer, and as a psychologist with a broad range of experience, and as a man, who himself is dealing with the same human relations. Love is a responsibility, a huge responsibility, and care and attention. It's responsible attitude to himself and to the others: knowledge about yourself, about your spouse, about the family. Love is an action. I'm not in the context of religions, but I sincerely responds, when the priests preach that it is a verb. This is daily work for your happiness and the happiness of the other person. br>
All people are capable of love? Certainly. But the key word here is "responsibility". If a person is willing to be responsible, willing to invest our time, energy, and emotional qualities in the relationship, ready to get better, ready to hear another word, willing to grow, you will succeed. br>
And as it happens, live husband and wife. And here the wife, for example, seriously ill, and her husband did not seem to see this at all, he is concerned about the scratch on the car or any other everyday issues. Then everyone has their own responsibility. Wife should tell him how she feels, how hard it is going through this problem, ask for help. And its task is to expose her shoulder, making her situation not so painful, to surround with care and attention. And this is the responsible attitude in which people will feel the love, you feel it. br>
When you act, then love.

Malinin Alexander
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