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Recently, with great pleasure reviewed two parts positive and profound film "the adventures of Paddington".

the first part begins in darkest Peru where bear lives with his uncle, Paludo and aunt Lucy. They cook wonderful marmalade from oranges, live on a high tree, I dream to see London, and in General, at first glance, their lives seem carefree. Until that day, as their edges can sometimes be an earthquake that claims the life of the uncle of Postado.

After that, aunt Lucy decides to get bear back to London on the ship, supplying it with a whole suitcase full of jars of marmalade. He arrives first in port of this bustling city, and then to the station, where nobody pays attention to it.

after a while it suited Mrs. brown, to which he turns, lifting his red hat: "Good evening! Today it is raining hard, isn't it?". He charms her with his gentle manners at first glance. Miss brown drew attention to the label on the neck of the bear: "Please look after this bear. Thank you!" hand written by aunt Lucy.

So he is in the family home of the Browns, who begin to call him Paddington (the name of the station where they first met). First, he stays one night, then two, while the family members are trying to find him a home.

despite the polite manners, Paddington is not adapted to life in the big city. First to see toothbrushes, he begins to clean their ears, and then flooded the whole bathroom. When it detached from the root the bathroom enters the kitchen at great speed, his only excuse is getting a phrase: "she's freshening up. Great weather for ducks".

the bear in the red hat is always a marmalade sandwich, as he says: "in case of emergency". Such a case really happens (the second part of the movie), when the bear goes to prison and when the sandwich tastes terrible cook, whom everyone feared. This place he describes aunt Lucy, which writes letters from London, where talks about his life. He does not forget about her and always his letters are filled with warmth.

"Aunt Lucy, I had to settle elsewhere. Here not so wonderful as in the house of Browns. But not as bad. This old house, moreover, it is the most significant of all buildings in the Victorian style in London, and the security level here is incredible." Watching the film, amazed at how in the most difficult situations bear retains the ease of mind and sense of humor. Here's another example: when the bear had washed the prison uniform of prisoners with the red sock, the whole shape was painted in pink color. When he came this day to the dining room, everyone looked at him with angry looks, to which he calmly said: "In my opinion, the pink color here all refreshed" and went with the tray to its place.

first day in prison he says to himself these words: "Well, Paddington, be polite." And, indeed, his politeness helps him in the most difficult situations.

Following the advice of aunt Lucy, a bear not only became a member of the family of the Browns, but everywhere else has friends. He says: "Kindness and politeness will save the world", "Look for the good in people, and you'd find him."

He cares about his neighbors, taking one every morning for Breakfast with their delicious sandwiches, and another reminding, sure that he had forgotten the keys to his apartment. That's the way he describes the attitude of others in another letter to aunt Lucy: "for me kind and friendly, even if they have little time. I have a wonderful family, and my friends are literally everywhere." And deservedly so. After all, he is always attentive to people and treated with kindness, ready to help free of charge.

To earn money for aunt Lucy in honour of her century, he comes up to wash Windows. And when someone is cursing at him, says he won't pay, he says, "Dirty, still wash up." And then sweeps the floor in the Barber shop. He does not stop before the difficulties, because he has a dream that all my heart he wants to fulfill.

the bear has a striking quality to transform itself around the world. Gray, dull – bright and positive. So everyone in prison is transformed from a tasteless menu and the grey tables in the beautiful dining room, more like a coffee shop or bakery with lots of different sweets which were prepared by the prisoners themselves.

it combines many qualities that impressed me. They are humility, courage, compassion, gratitude, a sense of humor. When the Browns are out of the closet to get him a blue coat, he find comfort in the fact gratitude and notices things that he like it: "a Great wooden buttons, and these two sandwich compartments (pockets)". In the second part of the movie Paddington says that in an antique shop pickpocket pulls out a purse from one customer. This wallet falls out of the pocket of the thief when bear notices this, he rushes in pursuit, to pay the purse, "master", meets lots of obstacles on your way, eventually attracted the attention of the police and the thief apprehended. Yes, bear naive, but modest. When he comes after the incident in the shop with Antiques, all applaud him, to which he replied: "Any bear would do the same."

Paddington is an absolute example for a person who wants to find friends, not to dwell on the problems of life, to boldly go to the difficulties and leave them with a positive view on this world!!

Ragulina Anastasia
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