Вам еще не надоело впустую сливать свои силы?


Good day, my dear!

today I decided to introduce another new column "Question - answer", in which I will reveal the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the following topics: working with emotions, working with resistance, self-actualization of women and abundance!

And the first question that I often ask my clients is: "What will happen if I just cease to resist, to endure, to insist on something, I turn into a vegetable who doesn't care what is happening around. Home all run, children are completely repulsed by the owner, the husband relaxed, the work formed the rubble. And I'll be all flown away from happiness happy inside?"

No, absolutely not, I assure you! Letting go of resistance means to stop feeling negative emotions towards people, things, events that do not fit into your picture of the world.

for Example, you do not have time once again to wipe behind the fridge. And you have an idea about themselves as perfect hostess. And understanding that you do not have time annoys you, makes you angry, the growing sense of guilt as well so that you this lady, just behind the refrigerator you have accumulated a week's dirt)))

let's See how many unpleasant experiences. What happens at this point?

You poured your strength of these experiences, our energy is blocked by negative emotions. If we imagine a state of flux, it is possible to imagine, as you struggle izi all forces against the tide, resisting the remaining dirt behind your refrigerator.

In the end, the effort went nowhere, the negativity increases with apathy, laziness and a feeling of helplessness. And behind the fridge and didn't wash anything else more strength left.

And this is just one reason for the disorder, and how many of them per day in fact?

somebody not looked, or not said;

- today again woke up later than usual;

again, had enough of nonsense;

- suitable time of the next payment on the loan, etc.

Reasons to experience you know a lot. And I think that they themselves can assess the extent of lose your energy if you succumb to negative experiences and do not know how to manage their emotions.

And how was it?

I Caught myself on the experience and freed from negativity. How do you make it easy, I said in a previous post "System of releasing emotion."

Every time you say to yourself: "Yes, I'm ready now to let go of a grudge", "I'm ready to let go of the anger" you loose a portion of blocked energy and feel more and more energized.

you Have the acceptance, determination and peace to accomplish new feats. I assure you, You will have no fridge, you pull on the more serious and significant achievements.

You will be able to solve the same questions that were decided before, but only with a lot more desire, passion and positivity. Everything will get much easier and faster, and the thoughts in my head will be smooth and quiet.

now If you are very curious and mistrust that is so, it is possible to take and to let go of my negative experiences, I assure you. And as I have already told a lot about it, but once again I will tell you about it next time.

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Naumova Natalia
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