Ваш подросток курит. Что делать?


of Course, no parent (I think) doesn't want his child to smoke. But suddenly, Your child recently turned 13 or 14 years old, and You happen to know (or accidentally) that Your child smokes. What to do?..

a complex Question. After all, most likely, You repeatedly explained to the child that Smoking is harmful and dangerous to health, and in this age is not accepted (what will people say!).

However, as practice shows, such warnings are often insufficient. Here are the main reasons that motivate a child to try Smoking:

  • look for adults
  • be "in their company"
  • get rid of boredom and stress
  • try the "what's that?"

And then it turns out that Smoking for a teenager is:

  • a method to establish (not to spoil) relationships with others
  • attempt the regulation of their status
  • getting new impressions

And if the teenager has no other ways to solve the above problem, there is a high probability that he will solve them with Smoking.

Therefore, it is very important to help the child develop inner personal resources, such as:

  • understanding of the value of health and the need to protect it
  • knowledge of the rules of a healthy lifestyle and a willingness to abide by them
  • formation of a healthy self-esteem
  • knowledge of the ways of relieving stress regulation of emotional state
  • ability to build relationships in different situations
  • the ability to avoid conflict
  • the ability to assess a situation and resist the negative pressure


the first and Most important, treat Your teen with respect. Take what is already there. Let him know that You he is not an enemy but a friend. Try to establish trust. Communicate more with him, see how he's doing (like at school), tell your (eg, at work). Spending the weekend together. Let to chat with friends. Praise your child for good grades, behavior. Support him in any endeavors. Let him make a choice. Don't forget that very important personal example.

And this does not mean that the teenager does not need to make comments and we can accommodate. This means that when You and your kid will be a good relationship, it will be more for You to listen.

Irina Andrievsky
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