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Choosing a man, a woman should not only present what kind of man she needs for happiness. And not only to think about? what family she wants to create. It is important that she represented her price on the market potential wives. Ie understand its value. Understand the reasons for her "perfect man" wants to stay with her forever. What good will she be able to give him.

do Not take it for a rough calculation. This is a reasonable calculation. In any family there is a certain balance to "take-give". In the different pairs it's different. Someone 50 to 50 , someone 20 to 80 . And is the choice of the spouses. The main thing that it suited them. Indicator are not external factors and internal sensations. It's all good. I get all that I want to get in the family, and the other, too, lives comfortable. Peace and tranquility and no one is looking side ways to receive in addition "family of joy".

So, thinking about a serious relationship, if you are going to find people that you want to build a family, think, and better, write down your strengths as a woman, as a wife.

Awareness of your own strengths will not only help you to decide when choosing men, but will also give you confidence. Will enhance your female self-esteem.

so, take a sheet of paper and write everything you know about yourself that might like men that you are willing to give him in exchange for the care, protection and love on his part.He will get in return when you offer the hand and heart.

in order to make it easier to navigate, I wrote to you a little bit of data from surveys in which men find out what they value in women .

In the first place is the appearance.

If you do not have a perfect look, do not worry. Men don't dream about the female models. We all have different tastes. There are fans of skinny women, there are fans of donuts. But all men are attracted to well-groomed, ability to monitor themselves, beautifully and tastefully dressed, accuracy. The ability to move gracefully. Excessive brightness and evocative style in manner, taking not all men. But there are those who prefer bright and extravagant women. It is also for someone plus .

Write down all your external reputation. Beautiful hair, soft lips, lush Breasts or the slim waist. The ability to choose the right closet or draw a map of the world on the nails.

the Next paragraph-your character.

For men important your inner world. How much you enjoy spending time with. How much time he wants to be with you.

a Sense of humor or seriousness, responsibility, loyalty. The ability to have fun, the ability to listen. Responsiveness. Kindness. Sensuality. Your confidence and dedication. You educated, erudite, well-read, nice to talk to. I'm sure you have many fine personal qualities. A man will appreciate your rich inner world.

That will not appreciate any one man, so is the bitchiness and the desire fully to control it.

Choosing a wife, a smart man, think about how she will be the mother of his children and the mistress of the house.

What are your good habits. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Love the cleanliness and comfort...

What skills. Know how to cook or know how to find a good restaurant. To be able to manage money efficiently. Have a taste and sense of style and can make the Palace even from a tent in the woods.

whether you Love children. Know how to communicate with them?

be Sure to note your preferences and ways of spending free time. Because the similarity of Hobbies, really strengthens the family. You are quiet and homely. Love to read and watch TV series. To do crafts and creativity. Or are you a supporter of extreme sports and love walking up mountains, walls and roofs. Know how to drive a car. Or prefer that it was driven by someone else. It is important that your hobby does not conflict with notions of free-time men. Although it is possible to solve.

Write out everything you have to good. Re-read. Soon, from this list you will rise up and will begin to rise self-esteem. On the other hand, you will begin to notice your weaknesses on which to work from. Something to learn a little.

Then, compare the list of what happened, with a list of qualities desirable men. Let's see - do you know each other. Can detect inconsistencies. Think about what you can do with it.

another important quality, which I want to mention. Men love confident women who know their value. And now, when in front of your eyes, a list of your best qualities, you know their value.

But if your confidence and self-worth is low, then this is a sign that it was time for the reception to the psychologist. Women with low self-esteem often begin to build a relationship with anyone. And in consequence of this, relationships are hit and miss. And no good do not lead.

Love and appreciate yourself. Remember that you can change, but man -no. Choose the right man. Women who know their value, initially choose the right man. And then the relationship will be strong, and the family will be happy.

© Solovyova Larisa

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Solovyova Larisa
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