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Our Life is a Journey, a continuous movement from thought to action, from decision to action, from event to lifestyle... that is, you can tell that it's movement from one thing to another. And when a certain goal is achieved - the movement in the direction of ends. And when the goal is lost sight of, the movement either stops or becomes erratic.

We set goals every day, even every second. Have some tea, get to work on time, buy a car, get a new job, to get a date with that blonde from the logistics Department – of these various "steps" it is our day and... sometimes, our whole life, in General. Only, alas, sometimes things work out as planned: welding for tea unexpectedly ended, the bus we're late, for a prestige model car does not have enough money, but the authorities decided that to raise us far too early, and the blonde in response to the invitation - only mockingly shrugs his shoulders...

What happened? Why in life there are failures? Why does it happen that we for some reason cannot achieve the desired? I'm sorry for this circumstances, insidious opponents, "life is such", or we are somehow "programmed" myself to failure? And if we ourselves are to blame, then what? You are able to choose? Or so she tried to implement?

I don't need to prove that you can set and achieve goals in life you need to be able to everyone. But before answering the question " to achieve?" it is very important to answer yourself the question: "my purpose?". After all, often we only think it's "my goals", and actually it is "wrong purpose". It's literally the work of achieving the goals of someone else, important not for you but for someone. Let's say you wanted to drink coffee, but someone once told you that tea is healthier... Or you hate the work, which has devoted many years of his life, because your family is a "professional family", and decide on something new you have no spirit... Or you could start your driving experience with an inexpensive domestic models, but everyone around here thinks it is "undesirable", and take out a huge loan for a car does not allow you all the same hateful, but the usual "stable" job (where you, by the way, why do not increase, even though you worked there for "eternity")... Yes, in fact, in the night dreams to you more often is a Busty fun girl-brunette from the accounting Department, not a blonde anorexic from the logistics Department, which sigh the whole male part of the I. T. Department...

Notice how the stereotypes of your surroundings discreetly drove your true desires and goals, replacing them with standard? That's it... There are people that say that "they twirl the globe", is purposefully active and strong personality! They know what they want and how to achieve it. They live and enjoy every event in your life! And there are people who go through life like "blindfolded". About such people we can say that they "exist", or "struggling"... They do not choose their targets... But then the goals other people choose them. The third is not given.

so much depends in our lives from how we've managed to identify my Main Goal in Life. Some call it "purpose", someone's "fate" someone "meaning of life"... I already told you about Dragon Moon – the karmic plan for our life, is embedded in the date of our birth. (You can read the customer reviews who have already obtained their calculations, at my site by clicking the link. You can also order these calculations I have in the feedback) But the calculations of the Lunar Dragon only determine the correct vector of your life, and tell you about possible mistakes along the way. But for the feeling of harmony and appetite for life is very important to know its Major Goal. And it is important that this Major Goal was for your and not alien or imposed stereotypes of society. This Goal aligned with your Dream!

Here's how to define this Main Goal by means of several steps, we'll talk today. So, try to thoughtfully answer the following questions:

1.What do you enjoy doing the most?

Your Main Goal in Life is inextricably linked with what you like, what you love to do. The most dedicated people doing exactly what he likes: Steve jobs loved working with computers, Lyudmila Gurchenko from childhood loved to play to the audience, and Edison preferred to invent something new. What do you like? Maybe you love to read, write stories (poems, diaries, music), play sports, sing, draw or cook? Or maybe you prefer a business, sales, communication, repair any items? Or you get to listen to the person and give important advice in a difficult moment for him? In any case, your goal in life is inextricably linked to your favorite cause.

2. What do you most often do in your free time?

what you most often and enjoy doing in your free time, will help you determine your Main Goal in life. If you love to paint, then "drawing" is a sign in which direction you should move. You can be an architect, artist, designer (clothing, landscape, furniture, interiors, etc.), stylist, makeup artist, designer, web designer, costume designer, art teacher, manicurist, a hairdresser, a developer of new colors of fabrics, Creator of the new Shoe models or even new models of cars, a master stained-glass works... etc., etc. a lot of professions can successfully master, having good skills in drawing!

the same can be said about any hobby and passion, be it cooking, singing or the ability to competently Express your thoughts. You just important not to miss these signs, don't be shy, don't "bury the talent", but rather to identify it in yourself. For example, someone really likes to learn and to learn new things, so maybe his purpose in life may be taught. Be sure to consider what you do in your free time, or what would you like to do, but always postponed "for later", as "frivolous" activity?

3. What you notice most often?

"the Chef is from God" is able to literally "from nothing" to create a culinary masterpiece. "The seller is from God" can easily distinguish whether the goods in demand or not. "Hairdresser from God", of course, pay attention to a person's appearance and be able one hair to make a "grey mouse" - stylish "diva". "Designer God" will celebrate a ridiculous attire, and will help the hairdresser for transformation "grey mouse" in the "secular lioness". Mechanic-Pro only outside sound in the car will be able to identify possible problems... And what you most often pay attention to? And what annoys you in other people? All your answers will be those signs that will help you in establishing your Main Goals in Life.

4. What do you like to learn and that it's easier just to be able to study?

Some school subjects easier for you to just "given"? What books and magazines you like to read? Maybe you are interested in books about business, cooking or fishing? Or maybe you prefer books on marketing... or self-development? Perhaps you avidly read the life stories of great politicians? In any case, you should regard their preferences as a hint of what Life Challenge you have to solve at this stage. If you created your library, what books would you have chosen?

5. What awakens in you the desire to be creative?

Maybe for you the sales process is an art? Or do you want to immediately start cooking, seeing in the magazine new original recipes? Or maybe any of the experienced situation is the impetus for the painting? Think about what makes you move forward. What gives rise to your heart's Inspiration?

6. What other people like about you, what are you praise or are you grateful?

you Have "fans" who appreciate your cooking? After all, if your dishes no one likes, and the chef you will most likely never be. Or some admire your singing ability to dance? Or maybe someone conquered your talent of a writer or seller? Maybe you since high school have advanced to responsible public positions you have entrusted the most important work or you won any contests or competitions? Agree, each of us has abilities like other people.

7. If you don't have to worry about money, and you would have a guarantee of 100% that you have enough strength, talent, means, and that you will succeed - what would you choose?

Someone would have created a private beauty salon. Another decided to try his hand in the music project, for example, would decide to participate in the show "X-factor". And the third would be fascinated by the prospect of being a shop owner. Someone would have gone round the world trip as captain. And someone would have led a small bakery. Maybe someone would have opened the rental of balloons, and someone would have bought the automobile plant for production of completely new models of cars... Any of your answer is another important sign to search for Your Life Purpose.

After you will be able to understand what you like to do and what you do best, you need to start Effective Planning. The principles of effective planning in detail we worked on the training amingo (goal setting) and planning. The training and feedback you can see on my website in the section "Training".

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