Ваше счастье зависит не только от вас, но и от вашего любимого человека


of Course, everyone is responsible for your happiness and feeling of harmony but in a relationship these feelings sufficiently interconnected. And although you don't have to shift all the responsibility for your happiness on your partner, but your inner state of still to some extent depends from how you behave with another person.

Therefore, you have every right to want to be in those relationships where you are loved, respected, valued and cared. After all, if it isn't, then why would you even want such a relationship?

Remember that in relationships you first of all must be good and comfortable. And then you'll be really happy.

Because no matter how you convinced yourself that the main thing that your "internal state", and that's all that matters - that's not true. Because if your loved one constantly spoils your mood and trampled on your feelings, you will agree that being happy is getting enough problematise, isn't it?

So why convince yourself you're happy and it's just a "difficult character" to your partner, and that's all good if it's actually not?

You should feel happy and when you are free and when relationship is definitely. But if it's toxic to your relationship, where you probably just used, and your feelings humiliate and trample down in the mud, then you will not be able to be happy, no matter how you tried. This will only be possible in full and harmonious relationship where there is love and respect.

Or even if you'd rather some time just free, with no one meeting. But I assure you that you will feel much happier and more comfortable than in a toxic relationship with a man who do not love .

So don't be afraid to go away and seek his fortune elsewhere. it is much worse so all my life and live unhappy in a relationship not with your loved one. So be bold, find your own and believe that you are sure to find it, because otherwise it can not be.

Be happy together)

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