Василиса Премудрая. Прекрасная сильная. Это не Вы?


Not going to write this article, but can't help it! The archetypal seething! Will rehabilitate socially successful women from the "release blocked childhood femininity", because that is the phrase I just read in one of the articles here on the b17.

those girls, femininity which was blocked in childhood, do better in social implementation.

As said dunno — but what is done, brothers!? Because it is a socially successful woman, that is successful accomplishments in social important field of psychology publish articles on this site! Why did they so? As the author of the article debate on the subject is not supported, and removed my comments, this is a great reason for writing material. Consider the topic!

For a start, about any definitive statements about the manifestations of femininity and its lock. The point here is this: I have not lived. Over the years my travels and life in different countries and different cultures not only have I seen women in these different cultures but also my own identity, including self-identification as being in a female body has been through significant adventure. For identity — it is largely changes in the scene-change: social, economic, climatic. for example, I felt myself a woman in the far North — or just a big piece of ice with one goal in life: to move to a different state of aggregation, that is to warm? Where would we be in this moment my femininity? This experiment I try to avoid, don't like the cold! But I have a history of an episode when an old Indian woman in the Amazon village that had chastised me: "What kind of a woman, Parque zoologico de Chapultepec (drink made from unsweetened bananas) do not know how, the fish in the leaves to cook! What you only learn there?" She was frantically shaking his shaggy head, and I felt like a worthless woman, never trained, and all of my culinary achievements at the time meant nothing. I don't know how to fry bananas, and therefore my femininity in the eyes of the old woman tends to zero! This is what I? About relativity? Yes! but not only that!

I about diversity of manifestations of FEMININITY, that is, more familiar language of FEMALE POWER. As I wrote earlier, the dichotomy of "strength — weakness" to equate to "male — female" is considered a gross logical error! And the statements in the spirit of "the Power of women in her weakness" — and simply — myslelismy running sickly men.

True femininity allows himself to be led. It does not seek to compete and dominate. This is the inheritance of men.

This is no joke. This from the same article. In Europe in the middle Ages just burned "witches", remember? - half of Europe burned — still brides from developing countries are discharged, because female power is now a shortage. The strength of women is different from men's in quality, but this is a strength, not its absence. Why a strong partner is filled with an empty vessel?

Tell the Indian that a woman's power in her weakness.

Says one white girl friend about how I was out in the jungle with a young Indian: "On the way back he had gone far ahead and I could not cross the river, sat on a stone and cried. And when I was able to return, and he was already in camp, and I expressed to him that he left me — he was very surprised and asked: how are you so weak?"

now — psychological argument. I'm sure my readers — the ladies are educated, and such ABC as "Goddess in every woman" George.Sh.Ill, a book on women's archetypal psychology, a long time reading. br>
As a Jungian psychoanalyst, the author describes the diversity of normal differences in female behaviour (and not the "correct" rule and the "wrong" deviation). All major subjects mental life of the modern European man, whether he knows it or not, is reflected in the Greek myths, in the behavior of gods and goddesses. It's like the beaten path, which are rolling our senses and reactions. Including gender roles! As you know, the world of the Olympian gods, Olympus is the world is Patriarchal, that is controlled by men. Leadership roles based on men. Women have to adapt to this world (in the above-mentioned polemical article this is reflected as the statement: "..." - but I think that is a recognizable statement). In other times and other places to work other mythological schemes, but to the white man, now — that's so.

the Goddesses on Olympus had as many as 7. Not 1. And imagine, all different!

followed by my subjective observations. In the mentality of Russian women I often see striking manifestations of the traditional roles: Persephone (the good daughter), Demeter (a caring mother), Hera (faithful wife). women in men inscribed in a world ruled by men, at a specific, fixed roles. These roles are considered appropriate for women than often play psychologists, "awakening the feminine".

To a lesser extent I see Russians full-blooded manifestation of the independent goddesses: Athena, Artemis and Hestia play in the world of men according to different rules. They are independent and do not strive to be dependent on men. Athena enters the world of men to equal, segregated Artemis, Hestia moves away. They never married, they never suppressed, not seduced, not raped and was not abducted by a male deity or mortal men. Note that in the myths this: all 3 remain goddesses in his divine power, which is WOMEN's ROLES, not compensation "locked in childhood femininity."

When goddesses are seen as samples of normal feminine behavior, a woman, more suitable rival wise Athena or Artemis, and in a lesser — Hera-the wife, or Demeter, the mother, is able to value yourself as an independent person — active, impartial in their assessments and focused on achievement. It is, despite the diagnosis Freud, does not suffer from masculine complex and believes that her position in life due to the animus and masculine in essence, as I would like to Jung.

George Sh.Sick

And the least I see manifestations of the archetype of Aphrodite, the alchemical, erotic, creative goddess.

But in the mental sphere of the Russians I meet more and more manifested archetype that does NOT fit into the scheme of behaviour patterns embedded in ancient Greek: is a Vasilisa the wise (Great)! Strong, smart, beautiful. And - another. br>
The one that waved his left sleeve and flew white swans. She seems to do not belong to the Patriarchal terms (like Baba Yaga, by the way, another one of our strongest archetype). To say honestly, what is happening in Russia is just as illogical, just like centuries ago, when mind Russia not to understand — that didn't seem to fit the Russian woman European archetypes, bursting at the seams. No matter how I try, the Russians, go to trainings disclosure of femininity, other foolishness involved. And when it comes down to it, then as a joke: "If I hold my arms akimbo, I don't care which side you tyubeteyka". Great power, like an awl in the bag, can not hide, and it is not necessary for this reason to torment yourself if psychologists said that a woman must be weak, and, of course, peace!

the Sheep need a sheep, which is natural. The lion, the lioness, which is also natural. The Master Margarita. And if someone demands that of a lioness bleating like sheep — so it's from time to time. While lionesses do not bother to play along. And try to tell the lion that it is socially successful, because she "locked in childhood femininity".

Yes! Who has not read "the Goddesses in every woman" George.Sh.Ill be sure to read, recommend! See Shine through your life some sort of Greek goddess, not whether you play on predsednik scenarios, not knowing themselves. And then there's "Gods in every man".

But if in your experience there is a condition beyond described in the book "Goddesses in every woman" archetypes of femininity — please tell us in the comments! Well, very interesting!

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