Важная психологическая заповедь. Не предай самого себя!


from childhood, through parental and social regulations, as well as innumerable prohibitions and penalties, in us laid, and then take root, thrive the beginnings of withdrawal, samasugune, samopredatelstva that lead away from the person yourself-this to something distant and alien. A sad picture, isn't it? The system of strict authoritarian parenting paralyzes a child's will and obedient nurse, addict, accident subject, with no opinion, personal relations and the right to personal choice, in fact is a slave to someone else's, not his – someone else's will. A sad concept... But not all of it so irreparable.

If you enable awareness, you can slowly but surely return to its roots – to its core, its essence, finding true, genuine person. Mainly through the following existential search: what you really are (without the extraneous "stuff"), what are your true objectives, of the sacred givenness and the spiritual route? Most importantly though someday, one day "Wake up" and turn to face him, running an important initial communication – communication with yourself in the present. By finding answers to essential, basic questions: who am I, what I, what am I here for, what tasks are called in their life to decide, why I suffer and how would you change this situation? And not necessarily, therefore, deeply to go into religion, politics or region of spiritual enlightenment. It is important to address these issues independently, referring to the core inside. There, in the depths of our soul concluded the same, the desired light. There is the basis of our harmony. There is a spiritual thread with the Creator. Not outside, but inside is what's important. And to establish this communication, it is necessary first and foremost with respect for the inner spiritual foundations, firm spiritual basis, of God within himself.

In recent years much has been written about the importance of self-acceptance associated with self love. Useful material, but is earthly, human love – the concept is multifaceted, this area can be confusing, to step aside, and with respect, no one failure will not be respecting yourself, the world around them, their earthly way, You will (stand) on theological positions. It respect to things – to others, family, God, and concludes the basis of genuine, true love.

As a form of self-respect? Where should I start? Start with the following. Remind yourself of the essential, important things. And go back to him again. Let them here sounds like a good software requirements in the way of your personal achievement.

"I am!"

"I'm significant!"

"I'm priceless, unique!"

"My uniqueness, and the uniqueness of any other, amazing and beautiful!"

"I deeply respect your priceless soul! It is the abode of God within me."

"I will not betray Him in himself, and himself in It!"

"My life is in such harmony will be getting brighter and cleaner."

Remind yourself about these provisions often. Do not neglect yourself. Explore yourself, explore. Learn to accept, respect. And try to proceed from the commandments given in the title of my publication – do NOT BETRAY YOURSELF! After all, if you lose yourself, who will you have left?!...

Blishchenko Alena
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