Важно искать ресурсы, а не уделять внимание проблемам


I think it's important to look for resources, not to pay attention to the problem. First and foremost, I think this statement can be attributed to all sorts of fears, insecurities, and similar things.

for Example, I'm afraid of something. What is the point to say that to me it scared? What is the point of continuing on this focus? Yes, share this is important because, to share the feeling with others it is lived and reducing. It to share with others, not alone to go through it. But it is important to find support, strength, confidence, a different, more positive view, to recall, if anything, about a positive again, the experience of dealing with situations of this sort.

Share your example and your experience. Going in my yard to build a high-rise building under the program of renovation (well, it doesn't matter, why hotm going, the main thing that started to build). For me it was this: the horror, the horror, for the construction of the dirt-dust is noise in the morning and I can't sleep when you need to sleep a little longer, the view from the window change dramatically, not distances and perspectives, and so on, then the neighbors going to my window to look, and I them. Well, so on and so forth :) Now, as you can see, already smiling in all of this. They say, what nonsense creeps into my head :)

Yes, how do I overcome this? Why smile? :) I shared all my feelings with others, feel better. Then I thought, why not include here the curiosity: what will be built? What cars will come on the scene? What to build? How will I cope with what's bothering me? Suddenly, everything will be different, better than I could have ever picture in your mind? It may be so! Remember this child, when I have such a situation did not care, when it was all interesting! Remember that it is possible and positive attitude! Suddenly it will be beautiful then! Suddenly it all built in! Anyway, you'll get used to it, just not going to notice! In General, you can do something else rather than focusing on hindrances to life! Or maybe they do and do not interference, and the new point for growth!

the same can be done with other situations!

Share, please, and your thoughts about the situations in which this approach will work best yet!

Yes, and in what situations it is better not to do it or just not to do it?

And if we support each other inspiring examples, then all will be well!

Thank you!

looking Forward to your feedback!

see you in the comments! :)

Machines Vladislav
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