Важное правило жизни – правило «Стоп»

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True happiness is by nature loves

seclusion; it is the enemy of hustle and luxury, and is born

mostly from self-love.

Joseph Addison

In my life, I often meet people who are so immersed in activities that do not notice how gradually detached from themselves. As a rule, very busy people with a busy schedule that includes work, family, chores and so on. Discussing the structure of their life, we often find her frantic pace in which there is no opportunity to be alone with him.

In this article I want to share the "stopp" rule that I myself follow in your life and often recommend to clients. This rule is to daily find the opportunity to be alone with him, to say "stop" the flow of life, where you are, pull yourself out of the usual rhythm.

how useful such a stop? First, you have the opportunity to relax from the daily bustle. Secondly, this practice helps reduce stress and anxiety. Thirdly, there is the opportunity to expand its focus, to remove, if I may say so, the blinders. This is especially useful when we are going through a difficult period in life associated with problems. Finally, the rule "stop" helps you focus on yourself and not to miss signals coming from our body, which helps not to miss the moment when we have need to begin to help yourself. For example, it works well as a prevention of psychosomatic diseases. Of course, there are other advantages of such work, but each will have their own.

"stopp" Rule in action. Being with yourself requires you disconnected from the outside world and focus on yourself: on your breathing, bodily sensations, observation the movement of thoughts or feelings or how you perceive the world (as I hear, see, feel, etc.). This can be a dedicated time or spontaneous. This can be done when you just sit, or when you are doing something (e.g., sports). The duration of the work can also vary. All individually, it is important to understand the principle. Keeping a journal is also a very useful work that helps to ensure that you could stay with himself.

Include this practice in your life and you will feel differently.

Buraka Maria
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