Важность междисциплинарного взаимодействия

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Good time of day, dear reader!

let's Start with the background. Actually, why did the idea of this article, and the reason for its publication.

As I remember, even as a student of medical University, discussed medical specializations, pros and cons, as well as opportunities for professional growth. In these processes and experiences "joined" the story of colleagues, a talented physician - therapist.

What was so special about him? What's the talent?

And in fact that the doctor was able to listen to their patients, all their complaints, anxiety, and appoint the necessary tests, and then send to a specialist. br>(for Example: cardiologist, gastroenterologist, urologist, and so on).

he really helped his patients, although he did initially treatment, as do most physicians, doctors - family medicine.

Remembering the sensations, the original story colleagues confused me.

what is talent, if the doctor does not cure?
come To him for help, and in fact the picture is clear, the blood tests, acute conditions, the patient is not, as reason for admission, take and administer medications.And the patient will receive treatment and the doctor during the operation.

it was Only when I started my appointment and private practice, I understood what he was talking about my colleague.

Now I regard this case as a good example that must be followed by any person, especially a physician, psychologist, and psychotherapist.

namely, that the request of the patient/client should always be in first place in psychotherapy.

After all, the patient/client asks for help, hoping to get it in one way or another.

unfortunately, the psychologist/psychotherapist is not always can help patient/customer here and now, because of any circumstances.

These circumstances can be that a psychologist/psychotherapist, for example, sees that the patient requires medication-assisted treatment, or he can not cope with the queries that arose in the process of psychotherapy from the patient/client.

Not because a psychologist/psychotherapist a bad specialist, but because it understands their role and accepts responsibility for applied to him.

Therefore, it is important in my practice to interact with different specialists.

It can be as doctors, endocrinologists, neurologists, experts in narcology, psychiatrists and colleagues in other psychotherapeutic directions.

And getting help, for example from the endocrinologist, the patient/client will be able to work with your real request in a psychotherapeutic key.

Without fear of perceive what the patient/client to go to another specialist, on your recommendation. Because at this point, you do everything to do to help.

Fear of psychotherapy for psychotherapy.

Productive interaction!

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