Важность постановки целей

Various literature on the topic “correct” setting goals on the Internet a dime a dozen.

Almost every second writes about this in his blog, on instagram, on the website.

goals, Goals, goals, goals.

The interesting thing is that people often write how are these set goals and how efficiently and quickly to achieve.

But rarely covers the “why” question.

But this is the question that helps you understand why waste your time on such a thing as setting goals. This is an important question, because to set goals for many quite unpleasant process, which try very hard to avoid.

I should say. I have a lot of goals. Objectives that relate to completely different spheres and areas of life. But I know why I got each one, what is its importance and necessity for me.

still why?

this question can be answered, introducing what tools, supplies we process]:

First. More pragmatic, but very important.

Objectives able to build our future the way we wish to see., Or nearly so.

of Course this is a very rough turn. Just to set a goal and do nothing - no desired future will not work. But if you don't set a goal, the probability of success in this direction tends to 0%.

to come to a certain point, you need to submit all the way/the path before him. This view and provide goals.

Second “tool”.

Goals give us understanding of what we are living for in each moment of time.

This understanding is not necessarily, if you live for life and I value my life above anything else. Above all troubles and misfortunes.

But... this is an obvious rarity. Sorry.

still, most of us are faced with such life circumstances and internal challenges, which roughly speaking, live does not want. Go and hung up.

And it is for such moments we have to be the goal. So we had everything to live for was where to go, no matter what.

And one more important condition. Your global goals should be important for you. So significant that even the end of the world will not be able to stop from achieving.

If you want to share your most important goal in the comments.

I then a little later to share in return:)

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