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People who lose weight forever called diatomeae (people who constantly sit on diets) or "professional" consumers. Their aim is to lose weight. Why? To increase self-esteem and to escape from fear.

Dietary know all about diets, trendy diet trends, nutrition and various new developments in the diet industry.

They deftly define the calorie, fat, bread units in the products, they just want to see them. If "careful consumer" (people obsessed with healthy and proper nutrition, as they imagined it, orthorexia, vegans, raw foodists, etc.) all the time thinking about food, "professional" always believe!

And I also believed... unwittingly Becoming a "professional" eater on the system of a low-fat diet.

I considered the balls a few years. These few years - the years of my youth. Very quickly remember the points of all the products, and very proud of it. Oh, how I loved every piece accounted for and neatly put everything in a food diary.

I was too hard on myself. Bask in total control. Because I was so calm. Past my mouth unnoticed no baby not slipped.

fortunately, I have trained myself to count points while eating, as most "professional" eaters, and always led the count after eating. So when I had an Epiphany, it was easier to unlearn it....

Many "professional" consumers consider themselves experts! Each has a large amount of knowledge on nutrition, but, alas, they do not save from regular breakdowns and food binges.

Always losing weight is not taste, and do not get pleasure from eating. Contact with food is disturbing and a hell of a strain. The food is terrible enemy! We need to fight it and control.

Their daily life represents the following algorithm: the beginning of the diet➡ successful compliance ➡gradual decline of internal forces ➡violation of the rules➡ the charge himself in weakness➡ preparing for a new diet. And then a vicious circle.

supporters of the diet strongly worried about that.

supporters of the diet strongly worried because of the fact that no system of power does not help them. To reduce the level of anxiety often resort to laxative, diureticum and diet pills.

the Style of food "Eternal weight loss" is a direct way to disturbances and eating disorders like anorexia, compulsive overeating, bulimia etc.

Diatomeya stopping to listen to your body, recognize the signals and needs, and most importantly in time to meet them.

And without it is simply impossible to find peace with food and their own bodies! However, the choice is yours..

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Semerikova Elena
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