Вечность в сердцах

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This story will be about love. About love, what not happens in this world. Does not happen – that's why it's just a story, living in the hearts of two people just like a story.

there once was a girl named Melissa. She was very dreamy and often went off in his own world of dreams and fantasies. She didn't like the world of reality and serostim where everywhere awaited her.
the dangers and fears. She liked her own world, where it's warm, cozy and nice.
as time Went on, Melissa grew and with it grew her beautiful world. Every day it became more and more colors, more smells and tastes. She was taken from the world of realities in their world only the best of everything, making it bright and beautiful.

She looked at the world big spellbound eyes looking at him something perfect to take in your world. She didn't want to see in the real world nothing is bad, dirty and grey, she learned not to notice anything – she only saw what I wanted to see what he wanted in his world.

When Melissa was an adult and it's time to find her Prince, she became very disappointed in the real world. Every time I meet a man, she thought he was her Prince. But time passed, and she found in him something unpleasant, disgusting, or
repulsive, and once again was disappointed.
Melissa loved to go to the library that was close to home. There she could be alone and find the beauty of the world in the books of great writers that she admired.

One day in the library, she saw a man. He looked at her with warm blue eyes. She noticed his eyes and abruptly averted my eyes. But it was hard to resist and not to look at him. In his look there was some inspiration, a passion for life. In his
eyes, it seemed, was the whole world!

Since then, she began to walk to the library. But she no longer met. She was starting to think that maybe more never will see him again there. He approached her, handed her the book and said:

- Read, I think you will like it – and he's gone again.
Melissa read the book in one day. The book was about love. It was a story about how two people loved each other all their lives, about how the woman who lived to 80 years old, never married because he loved only one man.

Melissa, the book made a big impression. She could not understand how it was possible to 80 years not to marry? How was it possible to love a man who wasn't there for her?

the next day, Melissa, sitting in the library, waiting for this mysterious
young man.

he came.

- how was the book? he asked, sitting beside her.

- Striking, ' she said, smiling with glee from his appearance. He, too, was smiling, warm, soft, gentle smile.

- I Paris.

And I'm Melissa.

They are the evening discussing books to read ever, he was telling her about many of the books that she read. They were sometimes difficult to understand, but it was
important to her now – the important thing is that he talks to her, looks at her and sometimes asking her opinion. Beside him, Melissa was calm, quiet in the soul and reliably.

When it came time to leave, he held her up.

where do you live, asked Melissa.

Far away, noncommittal Paris.

- How did you end up here? – looking at him with her large green eyes upward, she asked.
- Looking for a very rare book.

And what did you find?

- No, I got better – I found a very rare flower, ' he said, looking Melissa straight in the eyes and gently passing her hand over her cheek.

She smiled, and with downcast eyes, gently patted his hand in response.

Well, fine, flower, go home.

- will We meet again?

"of Course," he said, releasing her hand from his and stepping back. – In the same place. I promise!

the next day, Melissa was flying on the wings of joy and hope to see Paris. But he didn't come. He didn't come the next day and the next. Melissa already
sad. But he appeared again a week later.

- Where have you been? Why so long did not come?

Melissa, it's hard for me to come here every day...

Why? Because you live far away? Let me come to you? Come on?

He looked at her with such tenderness, that Melissa broke down and looked away.

- my Flower, I live too far away, you won't be able to come to me.

Melissa looked at him, waiting.

- I live in a different world, and I spent a lot of effort to appear here.

- What do you mean in another world? Melissa did not expect such a response.

I don't know how to explain, you wouldn't understand even if I tried. Let's just say that I live in another galaxy. Okay? Well, let's agree right?

"Okay," she said, and snuggled against his chest, hugging tightly.

Since then, they periodically met. They walked through the city holding hands. They were walking at night seashore. They played the sea waves, they sat on the sand,
enjoying the sunsets. Sometimes hugging Melissa's waist from behind, he spoke into her ear as he loved her, wonderful she and many other sweet nothings. She's always in response, turned around and kissed him gently.

They talked a lot. About life, about who she loves, other people, and generally about the
things like that.

He taught her to be strong. He taught her to see all things in the world – good and bad. Because it is useful. He taught her how to look at people then to not be disappointed.
Sometimes Melissa understood that she was to understand it enough only silence.
together. And sometimes she did not understand what he says and in General his whole life and his whole world.

They saw each other not very often. First time in a week, time passed and their meetings became less and less. Later they began to see each other every two months. Melissa missed him. But Paris could not often come to it. His strength became smaller.

- Girl I can no longer come to you – I didn't have the strength... once said Melissa Paris, when they sat by the sea.

don't say that! No! Tell me you're not serious!

- unfortunately, I can't, Melissa.

- it can't be! she said, and wept bitterly.

He pressed it to his chest, tightly hugging himself barely holding back tears.

- You don't love me? asked Melissa, wiping her eyes on the back of his hand.


- You found another?
- No. My flower, you understand everything like before with my hand. Just now I have no more strength to come to you. These movements take away from my strength.

She said nothing in response, only wept, her face buried in his chest.

So they sat for a few hours. She was crying, then stopped.

- I will always love you, honey!

I love you, honey! I'll never forget you! he said, pressing it as hard as you can to yourself.

- How do I live without you? In this world there is no shelter for my soul! I have nobody,
except for you!

don't say that, my girl! You will find someone who will love you and who you
will love! Promise me you'll find!

I won't! – bursting into tears, replied Melissa.

- Promise! Please! said sharply Paris, barely holding back tears.

- Okay, I promise... But I don't want! Anyone not want! I just want you!

I know, my darling, I know... But we have no other choice.

When he left, it seemed to her that in the whole world she was left alone. She long cried. She cried the next day and the next and a week later, and a month. And each time, bursting into tears, she begged the universe to give them another meeting, one look... Again to see his eyes, lips, touch hands. But everything remained as before. She was alone, alone in the world.

But time passed, and Melissa had no choice but to continue to live on. She
met a wonderful man named Vladislav and even fell in love with him. He
nicely cared for her, cared about her and was always there when she was most in need. And he made her an offer. She agreed, of course. In their
relationship was a lot of romance. They often walked to places where Melissa was hanging out with Paris. They sat on the sand on the shore of the night sea, embraced and looking up at the stars. And every time I look at the stars, Melissa thought to myself, "Where are you, my dear Paris?
Well all you got? I'm all right, Vlad to take care of me and loves me. I have everything calm and quiet. What else do I need? I hope you're doing well, I hope you
also calm and warmth and someone to care about you like I cared. I love you Paris, I'll love you forever!"

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