Вечный танец отношений - пространство застоя и преображения

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In the end it turns out that the relations we build or break. Bring happiness or torment. Give us a background or break it for years, depriving of self-confidence and instilling a fear that, do you step closer and everything collapses.

This amazing alchemy - the Alchemy of the Soul, which want inside an alchemical retort, I want to - outside - expresses the infinite interaction of the elements, harmonious or conflict... Paradoxically conflicting-harmonious. (Dialectical?)

What's inside, then outside. As above, so below. The opposite is true. Life, if we consider her as the incarnation of non-incarnate, in essence, is a projection of the inner outward.

We find ourselves partners, friends, the environment is matched only by his deep features, play their internal systems to the outside, make them a reality lived and experienced them, feel joy, pleasure or pain.

(the author of the paintings Tomasz Alen kopera)

Transformirovalsya in them and go to a new level. Or remain the same and endlessly repeat this, according to some non-obvious underlying intent is often a strange and unattractive game.

In this endless game, in this dance of relationships, each knows their role, knows their movements. "Know" doesn't mean "aware of". "Knows" - so accurately it performs. Because this role is often known for centuries - this archetypal pattern, the story, thousands of years known to Humanity... We "dance" not with each other. We start the dance with their own projections, or do vaguely familiar inner images to the outside.

the Great Mother. Eternal youth. Orphan. Femme Fatale. These and other archetypal patterns are laying the principles of our relations.

Destructive archetypal patterns inside us are living along with constructive. But some sort of line, some kind of plot all the same becomes the leitmotif of our lives - our personal myth. Which reads accurately in our relations with others and in the relationships of others.

In relationships, we have the opportunity, finally, to "jump" from this infinite pattern. And we are in dire need of such opportunities, the stronger, the more we suffer from a destructive nature to the usual pattern.

Such relationships lead to transformation and greater awareness. They too can be "savory". But they eventually lead us closer to our inner truth, "returning" the split-off once the pieces of their own integrity to its original place, restoring their value and individual beauty.

(the author of the paintings Tomasz Alen kopera)

Healing in psychotherapy it are relationship. While staying at his otdalennoe and resplendent, we step by step, day by day regaining. And open (new) world in new ways. Psychotherapist — he has a special role does not come with us in our usual dance. his task is to get to know him and do not let yourself to engage, but rather to create the opportunity to make this pattern clear and perceived to create conditions to ensure that the person who approached him, could change, in the end, the trajectory of self-motion.

To be more to a relationship not to crumble into fine crumbs. Not destroyed and not destroyed. And to love, to create and to live in integrity and deep sincerity.

Anastasia Konovalchuk

Ph. D.

analytical psychologist

analyst of archetypal patterns

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