Ведьма. Тень архетипа "София". Подарок к Хэллоуину!

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He found another,
he fell in love with a witch,
on the bottom Left, a stone on the bottom
He flew behind her in the tube,
He flew behind her in the tube,
And called to her:

My love,
You're my love.
(C, spleen – "My love")

I swept through the forest in search of locations for the movie "Autumn of life". And suddenly came across a tree house, which resembles a hut on chicken legs. Because I have a rich imagination, it seemed to me that there's going to be a forest witch.

And then I thought: so the Witch is the Shadow archetype "Sophia"! Let me write an article about it.

moreover, as You remember, I refer specifically to the archetype of the "Sofia" and, therefore, possess insider information, and it is the most reliable!

Recall that on the subject of archetypes the movie is ready and published, view it to understand what more will be discussed.

Very briefly brush up on the concepts of archetype and shadow.

Archetype – original type.

the Shadow - the dark side of man. In the shadows we are out what is socially unacceptable, and strongly condemned by society or a specific important people, such as parents.

When man falls into his Shadow, he abruptly changes, becomes dissimilar to itself, changing the behavior, reactions, actions and words – all.

But my heart is so lousy, that no tale to tell, nor pen to describe.

Why is the Shadow of Sophia is called "the Witch"? This is the flip side of wisdom. The word "witch" comes from the verb "to know" - to know.

Imagine a woman who owns knowledge, great sense of people, knowing their weaknesses, staying angry, or controlling people like puppets.

In some cases, Sofia falls into Shadow?

When afraid of something. I think the main reason is, one way or another, fears.

Stepping on shaky ground, at the risk of being in an uncertain situation, in the dark, no guarantees can become scary.


Symptoms vary depending on the degree of "capture" (in %), how pronounced a Witch. Here is my approximate graduation:

1) 0 – 30. Witch.

2) 30 – 70. Spider.

3) 70 – 100. Fury.

Accordingly, we can distinguish 3 groups of symptoms:

1) is Retained self-control, sober mind, good, playful mood. In my soul the sun is shining. Then the Witch even useful! She is very focused and agile, flexible, adaptable and easy maneuvering in all conditions.

2) Anxiety increases, mood gloomy. Sofia begins skillfully to manipulate, to spin a web of intrigue, set network. All for the sake of achieving the goal, even deceit and hypocrisy.

Sophia, in the same way as Elena, uses men. Sometimes even just indulging in your whim. Can tempt, to divert the man of the family, and then to part with it that is somewhat reminiscent of the mythical Seren.

3) Panic in the afternoon. Panic this is not throwing around the house, and dip in strong emotions: rage, anger, aggression, resentment.

Behavior: blames, makes demands, demands, it puts conditions, ultimatums, yelling, crying - conflicts.

In such moments can be dangerous for others and for itself (inadvertently) can cause physical harm.

needless to say that at this point it's easy to spoil relations, to follies, to destroy what itself has established long and carefully.

How to behave with Fury, and the Spider?

If you have a girl friend, Sofia, and You see symptoms that it in the Shade, it is best to just remind ourselves that in this way she tries to protect herself, to protect what is dear to her. Security, as you may remember, in Maslow's hierarchy of needs is at once physiological needs, that is, is in second place.

See the symptoms of the spider – print Sofia on straight talk, promote intimacy, avoid games. Convey the idea of its good attitude, the willingness to help (if it does).

There are signs of the Furies – calm Sophia. Understand that it is not always necessary to meet its requirements, because the requirements is only a manifestation of fear. Fear – that's what should be interacting! First to identify it, to understand what exactly she is afraid of, and then minimize it.

Then most if not all of the requirements themselves will fall off =)

Let's look at an example:

the Wife insists that an urgent need to hire a babysitter.

the Husband explains that the financial situation is now complicated.

But his wife does not want to hear. Requires and everything. Starts to make trouble.

  1. Husband has already determined Fury.
  2. it is Now important to find out what she's afraid of?

He might start asking some questions, and then, perhaps, it turns out that she's afraid to lose him. After all, her power goes to the home, at child, and the time left. She began to look worse and fears, as if he had not got himself well-groomed and fresh mistress.

Maybe, of course, that the woman is just too tired, then simply hire a babysitter or to help her. But to distinguish Fury from just a tired woman is not difficult. This is a very different state and behavior. Tired woman calmer. So revealed fear: losing her husband.

  • Can you say about these words:

I know you're tired, and you don't have time for myself. I would also very much like you have to rest, devote their time and themselves. You are worthy of this. I'm so lucky to have you! For me you are the best! And once you catch on, think about the nanny and decide how you can free up time for yourself.

it is Desirable to hold or at least touch, it also has a sedative effect.

That is pointless to deal with verschae, you need to find a spine and to calm him down.

"How cool that I was a Witch!"

I noticed that some of Sofia rejoice when they find out what is the name of the Shadow. They say:

the Witch is the female essence of nature. Every woman is a little witch, a sorceress and a sorceress, with spells, able to cast a spell with magic of any man, to fascinate everyone. This mysterious and feminine and even sexy.

In some ways I agree, but only when the witch appears not too bright! When bright there is little eroticism, is a continuous negative emotions. And when at the helm of the Witch, yeah, it's sexy and attractive!

so, it's clear that the archetype is the candy, the main thing is not to fall into the Shadow! You can only release a walk the Witch use to, but keep her on a short leash.

And not to fall into the Shadow of Sophia's important to be able to:

- to work with fears,

- to manage emotions,

- to break the taboo that it has identified for yourself when you were in a calm state (and again, this is about emotions). Choose a course and stick to it.

Then everything will be fine.

At the moment I feel that I have succeeded, we are friends with my Witch, because she heard, accepted and comforted when she was hurting. And she in gratitude had promised to be a good boy =)

It would be nice if You identified your leading archetype (eve, Helen, Mary or Sophia) and wrote me in Vkontakte ideally, when You fall into a Shadow and how it manifests itself. How come out of it then. That helps.

Yes, not very nice to publish the story, but knowledge is power, and to poison the Shade to find the antidote.

Write, tell, and perhaps on the basis of this living material from you, I will write more articles and record video and the other three archetypes. You would find that interesting?

You Golden autumn! Well, I sit in the mortar and going to the hut to black cat and cauldron with love potion!

Sophie Lemus
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