Верьте в свои идеи

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Where the ideas come from?

a Mystery. Ideas can come simultaneously to multiple people in the hope that they will be able to implement them. The thoughts that visit you, I want to incarnate. And who will give them life? You or someone else?

His thoughts were published in thousands of articles. Write about parallel universes, multiple personalities in the infinite versions of universes, quantum physics, space, dreams... But I don't always understand. Philosophers, incidentally, is the people who say, but do not understand them.

it would be Possible to be disappointed in these ideas. Maybe you're one who is interested? Or was there something up? Then suddenly one day, you're not alone and the thoughts that come to mind are implemented on completely different levels.

for Example, the cartoon "Rick and Morty" is awash with ideas that are expounded in the articles and thinking about them. One to one. It is evident that the creators read the same popular science books. I write articles based on their motives, and they're making a cartoon. Even the jokes are the same!

Joked about life in Tokyo

LEDs (green, blue, red) from all sorts of devices watching you. They're everywhere. Dozens of them. You're in the dark flip all in a row, somewhere in the lights, somewhere extractor, somewhere in the universe disappears...

In the cartoon "Rick and Morty" is a pun on the similar time with the switch... Not the pressed — not something happened to the astronauts on the moon... Or thinking that our life can be a game of virtual reality from the future. Wear a helmet and live life, and then, after death, understood in the arcade. And, what do you think?

the Implementation of this plot is given in the cartoon one to one.

Philosophers say that about each of us for written in the book or the film. Cartoon. They only need to find. History indeed repeated. And you have to believe in your thoughts.

Especially about the business. Sometimes meet with entrepreneurs and talk, in my opinion, trivial things about improve their business. For example, to treat customers with quality coffee, a couch with magazines (always fresh) to put... Or what's in store should always be something new, unusual... the model number of electronics stores should present the small and large instances of the models. The cheapest and most expensive. And, in General, shops should be turned into entertainment centers. Car dealers — it is a theater.

listen to Me, but it seems that in the void... Like talking nonsense, Vladimir Nikonov came up with something unreal... But I have no opportunity to check some ideas, because you are doing other things. But it's interesting to see how ideas work. The more they promise profit at little cost.

But you don't listen, the result of applying a rule of superheroes:

Hello, this is the League of Superheroes ?

— Yes, what's your super power?

— I'm not saying the person that he is not properly lived, if the values do not coincide with mine.

— Your strength is too large.

And I thought up all this and live in some fictional world? And these ideas incorrect? But then I pick up a book about success stories where the authors describe how to implement all the ideas voiced by myself, and had earned hundreds of millions of dollars.

And the text there is a one to one, about coffee, about sofas, about the magazines... that's about the model from small to large have not yet found text.

And it turns out that the thoughts he was tenacious, and the people who realize them few that did state that they went much further in my thoughts. They have gone in thousands more than one that you haven't even started because I thought that this is unrealistic. And it is all invented and not found support from others.

Such success stories give us strength. You know you are not alone. Just the people around you don't understand... But there are those who are much bigger and stronger. Who would dare to implement their ideas and achieved success.

Believe in your ideas. Implement them.

If the thought came, it means that it is necessary for someone.

My friend and partner website b17.ru Dmitry Trefilov told the story. He came to the notary for certification of a power of attorney. And it turned out that the need for this case his wife. He invited the notary right now on Skype to call her. What the notary said, "are You from the future?".

Yes, we are from the future!

Vladimir Nikonov
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