Верь в Любовь!


True love test argument.

anyone who values good relationships always makes itself the first step toward reconciliation.

Why? What helps him? Will update later - it's for "dessert." For a start I will answer that bothers to look for ways of reconciliation is a sore ego. It includes all kinds of Majesty is Ambitions, Egocentrism, Vanity. They distort the mind and strive at any cost to prove your worth, right. What awaits such people?

I don't know who came up with the diagnosis - a healthy ego, a healthy ambition, blatant lies, under the veil of fashion, served with a bright manipulation. Everyone wants truth and love in his address, and is every ready to love or could make a powerful and cheap window dressing? Just that the divorce and the marriage one, two, three... what's the point?

Life always helps to do the analysis. Each touches, delights, touches the strings of the soul - that pure, genuine love. Everyone wants, expects such feelings, but love is serving each other.

Listening to the song, staring at the screen, where loyalty, devotion your feelings - we cry and rejoice and Wake up. Soul is awakened and begins to think about love in which there is no pretense, expectations, requirements, and there are just debt! Ordinary obligations to each other. This duty many scares, but this does not mean that he or she need to be reminded about the debt - it just explodes with anger or enters into a depression. Why? Triggered a genetic memory - someone used, someone was enslaved, and so on. This means that there is no balance and the man in self-exaltation runs, samoopredeljenje. This run is the search for truth, the Golden mean. Techniques of psychological help to cure the pain of the relationship by both genetic and injured their own experience. What a pain still affect us and our relationship with your beloved and with the world? This conception, then birth. Conception is not desired and difficult birth, and not with tenderness in our hospitals meet the appearance of the baby. Any of this pain contributes to tension in the body, thereby fixation. This type of any pain possible to work with the help of psychological techniques. The psychological elaboration of pain it's like a rebirth, a revival.

And now for the "dessert." There are people who through the spirit of man, due to the strong logic understand that we are here in life came clearly not to compete, and learn to respect, to love our loved ones - so they are always ready and take the first step towards reconciliation. Such people command respect and that they deserve and that they take an example and most importantly they are WORTHY of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! As rarely seen true love between people. Often man is selfishness. I own more expensive only for those in whom there is no love. But how beautiful to see a sincere, real relationship. Eye always admire those couples who hold each other's hand and looking at each other loving, tender heart. Of them felt the depth of feelings, really! Beautiful true feelings! Since childhood, I love to look at those pairs and trail speak to them words of gratitude. Because at this point my own heart rejoices, admires - the real one! Love to help couples save their feelings, to prize, to strengthen . The heart in which no love--filled with cold resentment. Here are all of the resentment, the expectations, irritations and working.
Song "don't disappear".
"don't disappear from my life shareca. "

What are the Golden words. After all, how often chop shareca. Break your heart and the heart of your beloved. For each of us it is the death of the soul, but the ease with which we sometimes do. Take care of each other. Take care of love! For the sake of the feelings we are born. Everything else is tinsel.
(the author Tatiana Obraztsova).

Obraztsova Tatiana
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