вера в себя и свои возможности


you Can spend many hours in close cooperation with the person. Both are ode and the same goal – to help and to answer questions. Reach for clues, almost touch it and not get it. At such moments, born of tales, parables, and essays that are of fairy character.

Anecdotes, aphorisms, stories, parables, - one of the ways to communicate, to tell, to explain, to clarify, to avoid internal resistance.

Once met a man with his faith. He was glad this meeting, as all his life he wanted to meet her.

Faith, why is it that throughout my life you never had?!

- what was not? When it was not? - asked in amazement faith.

In his youth, I always wanted to be an airline pilot, I believed that I would be him, I dreamed of how I'm going to fly in the clouds through many countries and cities...

And? Why didn't you become a pilot?

- the Circumstances so happened that I went to University, and I had to learn there where I had the chance.

- Well, and when I was gone?

- I wanted to marry a girl like my grandmother.

- Why aren't you married?

- the Circumstances so happened that it was time to marry, and I chose the woman who was there.

- And when I wasn't there?

I really wanted a position in the development Department.

Why are you not working there anymore?

- so there were Circumstances that to this post also claimed another employee from another Department. He's more her fit, and I didn't file his candidacy.

I See you believe in circumstances, not in me. I was always there, and I really wish you saw me that you'll let me live in you. But each time circumstances prevented you from seeing me, to allow me to live and be you. You opened the door so I went outside every time you wanted something but you were closed for many, many locks the door to me, upon occurrence of the circumstances. In the end you received what you truly believe, and you believe in the circumstances.

- But how then was I supposed to do?

- to trust, to wait and not to lose their faith.

Believe that if you have an idea of something, then you can implement it. Not everyone thinks of your idea. Have your associates, however they may have a different style of execution of your idea. Turn your dreams into action. Do something for this dream. Believe that the ideas do not just arise. If they do occur, they can bring to life, to give them the opportunity to exist.

If you run your project, write down all the thoughts, ideas on this project and do it. Try. Probably something you already realise, something will be implemented with difficulty, and something you can't deliver, or the time for implementation will come later. Of course, much is over many have to work many years. In our idea, everything seems easier than done. And there will always be those who will give you uncertainty, to weaken your faith. However, this is not a reason to postpone your ideas into the category of "it's always been my dream, and there you will remain."

And remember! It often happens that the most unrealistic and condemn (if you ask the opinions of others) eventually starts and is in demand, but the simplest is postponed due to lack of interest.

Anna timofeyenko
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