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horse riding as one of the options of stress.

horse riding is my hobby - Horses is my passion! This phrase fits me 100%. I love horses and horse riding.And how great when you can "infect" the love of your friends. I am happy that I did.

My close friend always knew about my passion for riding, socializing with horses, but up to a certain time did not share it with me.

As he admitted, there were certain fears.

the Reason is quite obvious: "I am Afraid not to stay in the saddle."

During our conversation, I tried to find the appropriate arguments. In particular, explained by the fact that to fall from a horse is not as easy as it seems at first glance, but the animals themselves are absolutely safe, you important to follow certain rules – to approach the horse on the left, be sure to warning about his appearance, softly speaking to her (thus you will be able to have it to yourself).Also should avoid any sudden movements and do not approach a horse from behind.


a Fine summer day, we drive along the forest road along the shore of lake forest, enjoying the singing birds and the scent of pine trees. But I see that my friend some bound and apparently, the excitement and fear he still has not disappeared. And then during the walk I started to tell him about the benefits of horse riding.

And Benefit from this process for human-abound. It is a physical strain on all the muscle groups, gaining confidence, good trainer for getting a graceful posture, a great opportunity to develop a balance.

But special attention I asked him to draw on the process of communication with the horse. Indeed, the interaction with horses brings incredible pleasure and health benefits. What my friend was able to see for myself. He realized that the quiet voice with which he spoke to the horse, offers her to the man. Communication horses increase self-esteem. Horses are great away depressed and melancholic state, giving peace of mind and energy boost.

of Course, when we returned from a walk of positive emotions and pleasant experiences was the sea! But in the asset itself, I'll include not only what helped to overcome fear of riding and fear of horses to his friend, but what for horse riding I now have a company. Because since the summer, once a month, go on a horse ride together.

dvortsova Irina
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