Вернуть себе душу назад.


the People around make us certain emotions, someone more intense, someone fleeting, less important.

Happen in life, certain events that we look ugly, and all my life I shudder remembering them. They are still our emotion - shame, anger, resentment perhaps.

Look inside yourself, start from the beginning, how often do the memories cause You unpleasant emotions ?

If you often - You are not here, not now. A part of You all the time is in the past and infinite lives each of the situations.

a Piece of my soul is in every person, which You remember with pain, with longing, with sadness. All with the same negative emotions. You and here and now and there and then. You never at one point, in the present, fully and completely.

You walk with your family, have fun with friends, and the trickle of energy flowing there, to the past, to those people, events.

Think about what You, perhaps you should bring yourself out here, now.

working with colleagues on the Internet, I have met a few of the options techniques the so-called Assembly of the soul, and now I want to give here a mix.

To perform this technique must adhere to the following rules: at least 30 minutes of personal time, alone, you can enable yourself to nice relaxing music without words.

And You present yourself, how You stand and call all their pieces of soul to return back to You. Remember the situation and pull out the thread of his emotions and return them. Remember more and more of the situation, remember people, and gradually see how you're standing, and from everywhere flock to you streams of Your energy, Your soul, You regain everything that belonged to You earlier, and is still a part of You.

Sometimes, I feel like all these streams, coming from the inside fill You up, You become more You are comfortable, you become an integral and single, You warmth, all the emotions come back to You back, You take them from people and from events.

If you leak a lot, it is possible to repeat the action.

And try to further my feelings to pull out of chronic situations.

All warm

Inna Boyko
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