Вещи и их тайный смысл


Recently, a friend enthusiastically told me about the pink coat that she bought my 4 year old daughter anticipated her violent reaction and emotions. Some time later I asked how was the presentation of gifts, were all very corny. Girlfriend sad sigh that her reaction in this case was much brighter. What she did conclude that her daughter feels safer and they are so encouraging. "Maybe there's too much?" – tried to understand the emotions of her daughter she, or rather the lack thereof.

a Customer at the next consultation is divided irritating his episode of everyday life – the son is not sharing sweets, can carry them to my room after a visit to grandma's and eat in one mouth. And it seems now you can buy whatever you want – why so glum? And the son did not seem greedy, and was taught to always share.

In interviews in both cases, it appears that pink coat and candy have in front of adults and children, different semantic loads. Now all there is no shortage. Things ceased to be of value only if very expensive things. Children treat them as something normal, which is a lot and enough for everyone. But during the childhood of their parents beautiful outfits, not like the others – it was rare. Mom was on all sorts of tricks that your girl was more beautiful than the other – who made who knit. And the last candy in the vase was for a child. Especially when on the shelves of nothing but birch SAP was not.

So it turns out that for some, the coat is an opportunity to stand out, and sweets – it's all about caring. In reality the customer is not talking about what sweetness is quickly over, and how he feels the care from other people through food.

That's the reality in which we grow touches other senses like simple and clear things. So, to understand the world a client, you need to understand these meanings, from which is woven the whole subjective reality. And if viewed through the prism time slice, then the meanings become clear. I guess this is where all complaints of the older generation about "what used to be a youth and what it is now." Not "worse" or "better" - with other meanings.

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