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Despite the freezing days, spring is approaching. It brings with it a special smell of spring wind, the sun is warm in the warmth to swell the buds on the trees and first flowers bloom on thawed, the birds chirp, they sing along with tomcats, people took warm clothes, a sullen expression replaced with "interested" nature, weather, people, spring has come.

nature Awakens, is reborn person and want something special, exciting, impressive, filling, namely, relationships: to meet, to get involved, fall in love, to meet, to burn with passion.

Many people have experienced similar sensations. But in reality it so happens that feelings and emotions, desires arise, but it is impossible to find – no, not a soul but the whole person. Or to meet you, and meet you some time, but the relationship is not working. And the more failed attempts to meet "the one", the more anxiety, fear, frustration, disappointment in yourself, another. Inside fades the fire of desires.

And there are reasons that prevent meeting another person. For example, our limiting beliefs – "the girl should not come first", or "he/she needs to be like me, and such do not meet" expectations – "he only wants sex, I want love". Unsuccessful previous experience desirable folding relations also rarely adds boldness and contributes to the "openness towards", often gives rise to fear a repetition of the scenario: "the attack on the same rake".

But even when we know a lot of ways of action and all of them tried, anyway, long-awaited meeting does not occur, happiness is hiding behind the horizon until next spring.

My expectations and reality – where's the catch? What are my beliefs prevent me to meet others? What difficulties I meet on the way? How valuable and important my relationship? As in relationships, to be together and not to lose your head (ie "myself")? How to learn to recognize where friendship is, where is the love? Always if friendship develops into a relationship, how to recognize? The scenario is repeated every time – how to get out of it?

this is my colleague - Irina Rebrushing planned a series of meetings in person and online, welcome!

Details: https://www.b17.ru/training.php?id=43952

Svetlana Voinova
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