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So what is it and how is it displayed.

Projection refers to the primary so-called primitive psychological defenses.

As a rule, to the defense, considered as primary, immature, primitive, or protecting "lower order" (Laughin, 1970) are those that are dealing with the border between self and the outside world. Protection, is referred to the secondary, more Mature, more developed or to the defense of "higher order", "work" with the internal boundaries between the Ego, super-Ego and ID or between the observing and experiencing parts of the Ego (N.Mack Williams)

Each of us to evaluate our world and people uses its own view and the views of significant others; the experience of observation and interaction; the knowledge gained from literature, movies, media, etc.

in Addition, for us is characteristic to evaluate the manifestations of other people based on their qualities and motives. To project onto others their own characteristics and needs.

In cases where some kind of private quality is blameworthy and undesirable projection works as a protective mechanism. The other person is endowed with those characteristics in themselves are not recognized, or rejected. To condemn and pursue those qualities in another becomes much easier and safer than to deal with them inside yourself.

a Projection is a process by which domestic erroneously perceived as coming from outside (N.Mack Williams)

the Active use of such protection as projection when others projected their negative sides, and in themselves they are persistently not recognised – can lead to lot of difficulties in the relationship, and the world although it is alarming and very dangerous. In extreme forms – is a strong suspicion, the paranoia, the constant accusation of others bad behavior and motivation, inability to establish trusting relationships even with the closest.

But without the extreme variants, the attribution to others of something negative that relates to them and is their own inner products, can lead to significant difficulties in relationships and many unpleasant misunderstandings, conflicts and mutual grievances.

needless to say that such an attitude causes extreme discomfort and can provoke an involuntary desire to "conform".

What to do with it?

In the world there are no perfect people and people with exceptionally good qualities (not to mention the fact that "positivity" is highly dependent on the context). And who needs it?!

each of us gets a wide range of characteristics, motives, and drives. To have "bad" thoughts and desires is not a crime. Another question, how to handle them.

the Best thing you can do for yourself is to realize as many of his own characteristics and needs and to recognize their right to their entire repertoire. Then change yourself and your life will be as you'd like and other people will not be so alarming and cause so much negativity and rejection.

Such an increase of self-awareness is one of the important directions of work in psychotherapy. It is the ability to perceive ourselves more fully and holistically gives you the opportunity to feel calmer and more confident, make the desired changes to build a more comfortable relationship of trust and enjoy a new day and the world in all its diversity of colors.

Yulia Vorobyeva
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