Везение и успех

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Luck and success

Notes of a doctor (without punctuation).

G. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich

Luck is created every minute. Maybe not all but a lot depends on our thoughts and what we postulate.
Also luck in business and success in business depends on the internal discipline that creates the external discipline the Ability to solve different cases. Harmonious. Quietly. From the relaxation.
Luck does not like raw energy. Vanity. An explosion of emotions. An explosion of emotions is essential in stagnant situations. As the swamp. There should be a clarification and expression of emotion. Claims submission if necessary.
Luck is an art that needs to learn every day and practice and hone every day. With constant practice luck turns into a success.
Luck is possible with continued work over love. The favorite activity. Engaged in unloved business it is difficult to talk about luck.
Agni-Yoga says ...good luck as the flower is necessary to grow...
making a mistake we can permanently scare away luck. On the other hand luck can be quickly returned if quickly return to a harmonious flow. the
Truth is paradoxical. the
Situation of depression depression irritation create chaotic energy. Ragged energy. They scare away luck. The best way if you are in chaos. In a deadlock. To take and hour to sit doing nothing. This is sometimes called Vipassana meditation. It was used by the Buddha. Leading to Enlightenment dozens of students. When you sit and do nothing. You can see your breath. It relaxes your being and you harmonious open energy channel. After that your Affairs are gradually harmonized.
Luck accompanies you if you have faith. Even if you are an atheist. But you have this subtle substance you are close to harmonious flow. the
Prayer is sincere from the heart harmonizes your events.
If in your prayer you beg for something that's not good. The expectation of something creates tension. Tension can scare off good luck. the
Delight and joy attract luck. However, excessive euphoria may scare him. the
Recognition of physical activity Running strength exercises with deep breathing relaxes the body and mind and create attraction for harmonious situations.
Swearing. Excessive abuse scare of the energy of luck. (this is a dish consisting of one pepper, who would have?)
it is Always good to dream. Releasing the stream of consciousness, you create an imaginary world and subsequently backed up by your actions, he may be absolutely real(material). Remember that material is always preceded by subtle energy mental. Backed by heart energy. Any event, first formed in an imaginary world or information world.
as for my patients. Which are traded most often with neurotic symptoms (depression. Irritability. Fears. Weakness. A bad dream. Dependencies) the first thing I teach them. To notice patterns of bad luck. And create a positive flow. To get into a positive flow. The whole world is our streams. Chaotic (turbulent) and harmonious (laminar). Chaotic flow will be characterized on the external level, problems in communication. You will encounter on the road traffic jams or accidents. A sad sad person. With you or with your environment can happen any minor or major trouble. Bruises. Abrasions and even injuries. The loss of money. Material. Etc internally it depressed mood. Fears. Destructive thoughts. ...all bad. And nothing good will not be... Such thoughts and such mood will attract more situations of bad luck.
Harmonious (laminar) flow at the external level looks easy to you. A pleasant chat. Love. Friendly views and replicas of friends and total strangers. Traffic on the road without traffic jams. Gifts. Success in business, etc. At the domestic level, calm. Or lack of emotion. Joy. The feeling of love. The bodily comfort.
To begin, start to watch these two streams. And then we'll talk about how to move from one thread to another. the
Continuation of a (possibly) follows.

Vyacheslav G.
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