Виды кризисов


the Types of crises:

1. Age crises, the stage of development is normal. The only thing it is important to note that currently, the age range shifted. For example, early maturity may occur for 40 years... and you can do not live some stages of development, for example, in late maturity...when is the wisdom and integrity - in an older person there is the immaturity and self-centeredness...it Happens.

2. Crises circumstances – circumstances are:
– the crisis of loss (the mountain) - loss of a loved one, health, social and financial standing, body parts, emigration.
-the crisis of violence – sexual, emotional, verbal, financial.
- natural and manmade disasters.

At this point, it is important for me to note a "crisis of loss" because the word "loss" is associated with the loss of a loved one, but "lose" a lot, as said above. And in this place manifest all the criteria of the crisis, about which wrote earlier "Three shades of crisis."

3.Existential crisis - a crisis of identity.

Identity - "who am I ?!"

the First picture of identity is formed in adolescence: a person understands what he wants, what he likes, how and with whom to build relationships, what his future professional path - currently, the age range has shifted. If earlier it was 16-17 years, 25 years, maybe later.

the Crisis of the 30th anniversary – one understands the finiteness of existence. This crisis, people living alone, outlines the ways for further development. In this crisis, people changing professions,getting a second degree, and form new meanings...Usually the external environment provides little support for these changes, because they are afraid of, crashing the established system.

the Crisis of the 40th anniversary –depression wins. Man gets what he wanted, but to enjoy the results does not work. No pleasure from achievements.

the Crisis of old age - the summing up of life.

4.Suicidal crises.
If previous crises, the main goal of therapy is to support the client, then here it is changing
it is important to take all possible efforts to save a man's life.

5.The crisis systems – crisis of the family, work or community organizations and companies, etc.

6.Multiple crises . People live more than 2 crises simultaneously. For example, the crisis of the 40th anniversary and the crisis of loss (of parents).

Written, read, thought about it and put "diagnosis" itself is plural of crisis))).

According to the materials of the lecture of Alexander Mohovikova "Crises and trauma. Types of crises."

And you found your crisis?

Yulia Vlasenko
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