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I Remember last year I wrote an article the price of pleasure. This time the subject again came up in conversation with a colleague. Here I will try to see different aspects of pleasure. I'm not trying to justify or discredit the possible ways of obtaining pleasure, but rather tries to look at them in the context of the emergence of feelings of guilt and how to handle them.

In my opinion, for all time of existence mankind has made significant progress in terms of finding ways of having fun, and the prohibition thereof. And still no definite answer from what you can get from what is not. What is the price acceptable and what is not. And what will happen to me if say it's impossible, and I like?

That tries people in his own way. Well, for example there are unapproved by society or a particular family the means of obtaining fun. Failure to comply with the ban should be punished. A person grows up, the family of penalty functions has not been, but I do not need the man himself to cope. Otherwise, the guilt, for the received unapproved way fun to get rid of really not easy. And the exhaust mechanism: made - guilty-punished-forgiven. By the way, sometimes it is enough and "thought" instead of "did" And here is self-punishment can take on very different forms. There probably won't even take to list them so ornate they can be. But as a rule, a different self-harm, often bearing the allegedly accidental nature. Anyway, it's a way to get rid of the nagging feelings of guilt!

But can be also a preventive measure so as not to feel guilty. Well, for example, the wife or husband of infidelity explain the fact that the partner does not satisfy them in bed and then, bingo, I'm not to blame, and blame poor partner. That is, the compulsion, free from guilt. Or even more amusing stuff like sex on the side without orgasm (the options are "without love", "without malice", etc) for treason doesn't count. In short, in his own way.

Another, in my opinion interesting way of reckoning is the so-called "higher justice" faith which is reflected in folklore: "God is not ermoshka - sees little", "God hates sinners" etc. Oh I feel me in this place of Slippers, cast aside, but nevertheless. In my opinion this is one of the options of self-punishment, but I think the most hard. Because here, in addition to a lot guilt, fear of inevitability of punishment. And one way or another trouble that happens to him people can relate to forms of punishment from above. In any case, the mechanism where on one side of the scale is the wine, on the other the fact that it balances punishment.

by the Way, people do not experience feelings of guilt, or pretend they do not feel, for get unapproved by way of the pleasure society strongly condemned and they come up with different distinguishes them from most! And they say that they need to be more tolerant.

And here I'm starting to think that my article is mainly about sexual pleasure, but I'm not just about him. Is able to seem innocuous things that quite fit my proposed scheme. Well, for example: for many it is not possible to relax away from the family, it is not possible to enjoy(any) when a partner is upset, excess weight, and you have from food and the pleasure you get and etc.

it Looks like something Cocobolo considered I'm happy with only one forbidden side. But and a Cup of tea in good company, intimate conversation and a nice walk, and the creative process, and various kinds of advances, and (here, you have guessed) all this is quite a legitimate pleasure which is not necessary to feel guilty and pay for it. But if a Cup of tea, intimate conversation and a nice walk with a pretty girl, and the wife does not approve - you have to understand something.

Dennis Wieser
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