Вина за наслаждение.


In the well-known Russian folk song the girl sings about his feelings of guilt for love. Before a girls ' night out over a glass of tea after discussing husbands, children,lovers ended polyphony of self-reproach and suffering due to the experienced pleasure. The current generation listens to Polozkova and Sultanov,but the essence remains the same: feminine pleasure associated with guilt. Why is it so and is it possible to overcome?

Reasons, no doubt from childhood, sprout parental messages and attitudes about how the girl needs to be modest,to control and suppress ourselves and our desires to fit someone else's idea. Unlike men, women know little about what gives them pleasure and how to take care of themselves, they are focused outward, to seek help and advice to others, based on someone else's point of view more than his own. Their sensuality is largely determined by the idea of what "should be" usually imposed by the family. Against this introject often takes a whole life, a true contact with a disturbed, suppressed by external factors. For example:" I just want a little piece of milk chocolate" is displaced in the head "Chocolate is evil,you're on a diet,drink water" or "the guy at the checkout was so young and sexy,mmm" moves away under the onslaught of "Yeah, but you're not even 30!" We do not allow yourself even the thought of pleasure, rationalize the sensual feelings,and,therefore,not allow ourselves to live them.In today's world a woman learns to suppress their emotions, impulses, and this can be a problem, until serious hormonal disturbances and the inability to relax during sex. In consequence it may take years of therapy, yoga and meditation to find a way to itself and to recover.

Girls, allow myself to want,if they feel welcome. As if their pleasure depends on the opinions of others. This austere critic is embedded inside of the psyche,which is even more demanding and oppressive. A woman can sit on a rigid diet to lose weight to feel more attractive and allow yourself to want to buy a new thing. Satisfaction is obtained,if the girl looks like she would like reflected in the eyes of others. Thanks to their sacrifices, it feels good,but from the point of view of bodily well-being,the payout is zero. Such satisfaction is not physical pleasure,and rational experience. Appearance - this is the barrier that separates the body and the senses.

That's why, spending hours in the SPA salons, hairdressing and fitness-marathons, women are concerned with how their body looks, not that it felt better. And,therefore,increase the distance up to the physical pleasure of turning his own body into the mental construct. At some point it will be exhausted,torn, painful and drag you away into suffering and exhaustion. Pleasure is the opposite, harmonious and serene integrity. Experience the fun means I feel good in my own body. Treat yourself motherly, affection and acceptance, to stop thinking that love must be earned. Anxious to listen to their own needs for enjoyment. Just be.

Anastasia Venediktova
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