Вино, вата...


the Man should be nearby. To embrace, to protect, to say kind words in your ear. A man should be there to crush, to humiliate, to offend for nothing. And dump. As if it was not him. Only the wind blows in the curtains.

You gradually gather his thoughts, collect himself from the shards. You're almost right, happily engaged in a favorite hobby, hanging out with friends. And then the bell terrible phone call. He cuts the silence of the house with a sharp blade. "Don't take!" - screams your pain and memory. My hand automatically reaches for the gadget. No and no and no...

He's waiting for you in the network, and the network becomes your home. More than a house - dwelling dream. You are standing plans of starting a race of imaginary events. In which the main person involved is he. And you, as accompanied by its shadow.

the Word "paddle" POPs up in your head immediately. First lull cards with flowers and cats, singing birds. Then braided night talk - the main thing. A vague uneasiness makes itself felt, but you dismiss him like an annoying fly.

You don't have to lose himself - says the brain, and the hand reaches for the tablet. And for some reason go to a lingerie store - just in case. And he suddenly evaporates. Waiting for an hour, a day or two. Desperate.

a week later, as if nothing had happened, appears. Sick, durel was on a business trip. Need money urgently... no Matter what - most importantly, they need to get faster. Ride on the subway to the Bank, and by chance glance at an article in magazine about fraud in the network. Next stop the "revolution Square".

I do Not know still what you did is bad. Or rather, I know - didn't do anything wrong. The partners in the relationship you're always guilty of something. I said wine wool.

Well, well, at least you're not whining. This position has its own charm and beauty. Offended, as they say... And yet. Haunted by the question - what is she guilty? That was itself not aligned to honestly Express your thoughts? I felt free, could compromise, and could be bold in the backlog of its borders. Own opinion.

All of the above alarming symptoms suggests that either you "is" the manipulator, or you just simply got to network Scam. Turn your caution, consider his position "sober". You may need specialist.

Anzhelika Bogdanov
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