What is love? Where the boundaries that separate the real feelings of dependence and fear to be alone?

Today, I would like to talk to you about violence in relationships between a man and a woman. This is a very sensitive issue in today's realities, which often turn a blind eye even law enforcement, leaving the woman alone with the threat.

First of all, let's define what is violence and what types we can distinguish.

Sexual abuse.

This harassment, in the form of imposed touch,forced sex, against the will of the victim.

Physical violence.

the Impact, leading to pain and injury. The most common form of domestic violence, whether committed against women and against children.

Psychological abuse.

the type of violence that is often not identificireba victims, however, cause a negative emotional state and anguish. This includes insults, rudeness, izdevatelstva, ridicule.

Often, in a family infused all three types of violence. What can you say about such relationship? It is always a destructive relationship based on uncontrolled aggression and fear, fostered by a distorted social attitudes, beliefs, and sometimes family traditions.

"Beats it means love"

"be Patient for the family, for the children"

"I blame myself"

Powerlessness, fear, irritation, shame, isolation, guilt,- that is the bunch of feelings, which now gives once,perhaps,gallant man loving his woman.

the Numbness and helplessness, love and duty, low self esteem and doubts about his mental health, instilled by the perpetrator, financial dependence is what makes a woman stay in a destructive relationship for years.

are There typical signs of behavior that exhibit a domestic violence victim? Of course. And I want women subjected to regular beatings, insults and sexual harassment have read these items, analyzing your own situation:

✍Victims always feel fear of your partner, the unpredictability of its behavior

✍Suffer violence, afraid to fight back.

✍Dependent in relation to the adoption of various solutions from your partner ( fear of the reaction of wife on a hike in the cafe with a friend,for example)

✍Afraid to offend the feelings of the partner, offend, cause anger, therefore inferior, to the detriment of his own interests

✍Feel the desire to "save" a partner, to fix it

✍And, the icing on the cake, the victims tend to justify the violence against them, to stand up for partner in front of others.


If you're going through something similar, remember: you are not to blame. In your power to break the cycle of violence~>forgiveness~>fear~>violence

How to cope with a situation of domestic violence? What to do?There are some recommendations to overcome the traumatic situation, about which I will write in the next article.

in the meantime, I propose to speculate in the comments or with myself on the topic: Can anything really justify domestic violence?

Tedeev Alina
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