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Person on 80% consists of water. Without dreams, goals and desires he's just a vertical puddle. - Author unknown

When my life started to happen not very fun events, I searched the cause in itself. I am the cause of everything that happens in my life. the Many practices of healing and working with you. And things began to settle down, but then the script started again.

until then, I literally have not analyzed the steps and not laid out on shelves. Got better, but...the script continued to work. Frankly, I for some time stumped.

Similar pattern I see in people who go through inner self-development. They are spiritual, worked, live at a high vibration, but... something does not work and does not work.

At some point in time people can wave a hand and send all the wood, simultaneously being disappointed in themselves and in the techniques, and the teacher, and in God.

what is the trick, and is there a solution? the Advanced people realize that cause they do that automatically removes the claim to others and had absolute responsibility.

And this is the truth. But the Catch is the image Itself. When we realize that we are the cause and themselves at a deep subconscious level we see through the eyes of another, it works the way itself, namely the person whose eyes we are looking. And life is played not our script, namely the other person.

Moreover, the analysis and reflections on the subject are of little help - it's a blind spot for the brain. The brain uses images and metaphors.

to your life is your need

  1. to Change the image inside.

the majority of women looks at herself not realizing the eyes of mom or grandmother. Most men also looks sees himself through the eyes of a mother, for the upbringing largely involved mom. Less the expressed image of the father. But also manifested.

typically, this is the image of the parent, which you did not believe and criticized who you are all the time something proved and continue to do so unconsciously.

This practice should be done in many aspects, a hidden image, since the virus, which is not shown. In relationships and money, in terms of purpose and implementation in the sphere of conditions of life and health. Usually this can be done through immersion or very deep meditation.

When the image is found, it is usually tied to a specific time, it is necessary to erase and to build a new image – the image itself, and to spin the picture with your vision. Most do it not just better to work with a specialist. The brain receives a new option: on behalf of whom we live and act. Agree: a wooden boat with oars and the ship sailing in different waters and different tasks.

Why does it work and where did he get the energy? Are you the parent claims has not. You have been forgiven and accepted. But.... Inside your essence is Waiting for his Approval or Praise.

It may not ever be. In life you never praise, it is foolish to believe that if not happened till now. How many would you have not integrated yourself approval, the mind believes. Confirmation in reality is not.

What to do in this case?

  • start to support and praise himself.

Every day, for everything.

-For what is left.

-For being washed.

-For the cooking.

-For cleaned the apartment.

For something that used to go to work.

For what....

It's not paranoia. Is your inner child will receive less love and simple words: "I believe in you. You're done! How well you did. I'm proud of you" do not Get Evidence.

Imagine that you do not have the skill to write letters, you require suggestions. While the letters are not learned, suggestions will be written by crooked, cheating on the model without understanding.

And here it is important to consider the combination of two components: the change of the image and a set of evidence. Changes in the psyche need to be confirmed and seen by the brain. Otherwise, it's like a thumb drive with information that the computer does not see the information can not be considered, therefore continues to run the virus program.

Irina Mitrakhovich. Coach. Psychologist. Transformational coach. Certified practitioner of spiritual integrazioni. The author of the project: "Mediation of the soul and of the mind." https://vk.com/id136227341

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