Визуализация ресурсов в действии.


the Theme of human resources around me and around me for many months. Began with that began to appear expressions :

I can't, my resources are not enough for me. ..

I'm not as resource people to do it. ..

Where to get resources to. ..

And I had to think about this question. What is the resource? Every person he is and whether it can be replenished?

it Turns out that the man considers a resource as "something" that you can go and empty their own benefit! Where it is the source of resources?

resource is a stock. Energy, emotions, strength , health. But not always these stocks we do. It happens that our source is open for others, like healing!

it turns out, all cured all watered, and allowed to dry.

With strength, health me personally, everything is clear - HLS, PP, preventive examinations, early treatment if necessary. But how to be with energy and emotions as this new resource to fill?

There is a way! If it is not one hundred people and including myself, so it is possible to use.

Tell us ...

Our emotions very moving. They largely depend on our memories, both good not really. Sometimes you have so good mood abruptly gave way to "bad" ? And the question is, what happened, you said : "Yes, I was just wondering. .."

Looking at this picture , what emotions do you feel?

What comes to mind if you look at it about two minutes?

what do you think now felt - this is your resource. Resource your emotions. Your source.

And if it was your own picture, made by you or your friends, but it is very you like. You would experience a whole range of emotions!

the Method is simple - visualize and materialize your resource. Photos the most affordable option .

Photos excite our memories, give us inspiration. Some images even give us a hint or even the answer to the question. A vivid confirmation of metaphorical cards. Just finished a metaphorical maps already somebody's idea.

made by you personally - is just your personal idea, so your personal emotion. And it can be your life!

wishing you every success and inexhaustible resource sources!

If interested in this topic, then you here :)

Anastasia Datcuk
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