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is there Enough athletic skill and strength to run with full dedication and be rest assured that you will reach the finish line?

the higher the level of fatigue, the athlete often confronted with thoughts about the severity of his condition during the race, about the impossibility of overcoming, and the inclusion of its reserves. You continue to move to the finish, focusing on the problems of tension, anxiety, thereby losing motivation. br>
Leaving on precompetitive workout, the athlete evaluates the internal sensations in the muscles, making the forecast it will take him to work today. Feel the freshness and lightness in the muscles is perfect, but in a situation of psychological stress is unrealistic. And psychological stress and its particular impact do not recognize many, and therefore remove it, without special knowledge, the power of the units. br>
As you overcome the difficulties during the race?

THINK ABOUT YOUR GOALS IN the KEY is WHY, when you need impetus to action, you need to stay motivated or to avoid the temptations of gathering in the distance. "I will set my personal record of the passage of this distance. After I tell myself well done, I did it, I overcame fatigue! I'm sure my family will appreciate my efforts and aspirations! I can do it for him until the end, I have a great chance to show the best results for his age!" etc.

to put YOUR IMAGINATION for a quick solution to the problem. "Acidification" hands - leaving the trigger three times, knock a hand, take a deep breath and imagine how powerful oxygen molecules that are located on your favorite overalls are released and help You to revive the muscles.br>
the Foot has lost elasticity - approach to the climb, hit on an imaginary lever, which supplies air to the elastic air pads in the feet. br>
slow motion before you finish, imagine that You are behind a jet engine. You customize a giant jet engine aircraft to increase the tempo using the created them a fair wind.

All of the above work on the competition if You're going to rehearse in training the work!

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