"Власть несбывшегося"...или погоня за миражом


the POWER of UNFULFILLED or the pursuit of a Mirage (from the practice of systemic constellations)

Strong of desires that can not come true? They are like chasing a Mirage. br>

One of the options: it's not really "our desire". The Mirage and the story to be in the past. It did not happen,this story is not over. And "hanging in the field", people unconsciously strive to complete, to correct, to "fix". And will be attracted to people and circumstances in the style of "deja vu"

The initial, unfulfilled, may have different origins:

✅Either in the past, and it's even more logical, understandable and visible option. br>

✅Or last of its Kind.

Generations of women in your family about something dreamt, prayed, asked. Asked God, higher power, destiny... did Not happen, did not happen. This prayer remains unfulfilled in the box Kind, in the personal field as descendant. In addition, the government "ardently desired, but unfulfilled" is that it will require energy from you to "come true". br>

Burdened with other people's places and prayers, we remind the wanderer, wandering on the road of life. NOT under the weight of their bags over the shoulders.

Often in my practice, I meet this "Mirage" stories of unrequited love. Often in women, but there's the specifics of that placement and the psychologist-tarragon come more female.

the Girl/woman to be in prolonged contact-connection with the man, not seeing its real. Feelings might be unrequited on the side, and the destructive contact. In the field of arrangement can be seen: the vector of the senses "hits as the wall". And this wall looks imaginary image-a Mirage.

here is an example of classic, familiar from childhood. Painful love of Tatyana Larina in Onegin. Tatiana sees the real Metropolitan dandy-frantic. She launched into the real all romantic images-waiting. Onegin was able to Dodge.

By and large, the story of first love is natural. "The time has come — she's in love." However, from this anguish and exhausting soul throwing "girl thirteen"? We don't know the stories of her mother and grandmothers. But very, very similar to what is found in the client practice. It seems that there is she - "the power of unfulfilled", there is always the aroma of pain.

I asked: is it possible to trace signs of a pattern "the power of unfulfilled"? br>

you Can,at certain skill to "step back from yourself and look from the outside", that is dissociation.

Indirect evidence

✅Desire-the desire that is not hard not "accomplished"

✅Desire turns into obsession, when "my desires are stronger than me"

✅Subjective feeling of "hitting the wall"

the Good news is that there is always a chance to break free, a collaboration of juggling and client. br>

Separating her from probation another "unfulfilled", you are left alone with their own "unfulfilled" until (!) unfulfilled. br>
"It" can now be viable.

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