Власть в семье


Power always rests on two pillars: fear and love.

One form of power based on fear is like a pyramid where the levels of aggression, hatred, dictatorship, rivalry, contempt, rejection, pain, pride, loneliness, hunger, weakness, greed, consumerism.

Considering the fact that generations born in the last century, passed the cruel testing, survived the events destroy lives, families, relationships, out of touch with spiritual values and live mode is to survive together, the family pretty much became the place to survive at the expense of another, while preserving and growing fear of loss of self. Of course it did not happen for a century, accumulating in generations, fears of genetically transmitted as the most important information for survival. Most often, power in families is based on fear, fear of loneliness, fear of rejection, dictatorship, pride and greed, it applies to both men and women. In the absence of an external enemy, in the family there was a power struggle, as the last-the previous accumulated charge. The survival of the family now no longer associated with fear of life and death, how much is due to the fear of loss of identity and power.

Parents fight for the victory, for their power with their parents, children, spouses. Children win back their power and right, destroying the connection to the ancestors, fleeing from them or in a blind revenge, stuck in the role of parasite, user, punishing parent for his power and dictatorship. Parents involved in the child's life until the end of his days, in fear to lose his authority of being judged by society because we raise a child not as successful as expected society, ultimately destroying the child's feelings of self-love.

the couple are fighting for their power in fear to lose the main position, thereby discharging partner in slavery, hostage-taking, giving rise to hatred, addiction. Inserted in this battle against the children as a bargaining chip in the manipulation appendage that gives a bonus for his defense and power. Parents in such families dominate children from generation to generation, hanging, suppressing children, their power, freedom and life. Here the only aim of life is power.

the Second form of the conditional power - on love, which is based on acceptance, trust, freedom, faith, respect, assistance, patronage, partnership, togetherness. There are among people those who having passed through their tests found love. Changed, from love, created or already living in the family changed the form of the power of love. Reworking their experiences, their injuries, was able to accept and love yourself, kids, parents, life in General. The power of love, where the government is a consequence of love, and love itself gives rise to the authority of a loving person. Respect for him, the desire to be with him, desire to consult, a desire to maintain the relationship. In such families the main atmosphere of acceptance, of the Commonwealth, of togetherness, of caring and of care. to every family member, every important need, each is unique and valued for their uniqueness from birth, and all together valued for their differences.

In making love and built new relationships with the ancestors, where there is a powerful feeding kind. Spouses in such a Union of equal, where everyone in the main area, is the simplicity and natural order is organically created by nature, man -male, female -female, and both appreciate, respect the other and their Union, saving the family on love, reciprocity. In such families, no one is fighting for power - it has its own each, about their own value of life, its highest values, family values and understanding, making her an important part of the entire family unit. In such a family, parents become the bearers of knowledge, experience, wisdom, which may at any time be available to the child as soon as the child will Express a desire to find it. Parents love watching children, supporting their behaviour and respect the best in children, helping them thereby to maximally unfold and realize in life. In such a family, parents support, basis, feeding children, giving children to grow up, supporting them as the roots nourish the growing young tree. To put it simply, there is no struggle, where there is acceptance, respect and trust, the struggle for power is no longer needed, the power is not needed.

All of us, at any moment in time can change forms of government, if only we are willing to change. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

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