Влияет ли посещение "кружков" и секций на выбор профессии в будущем

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the Choice of profession is a very difficult question for any person. It so happens that the child since his childhood knows what he would like to become in the future. And sometimes, that even as for adults, people can not find their "place in the sun".
Parents can certainly help the child in this matter. How to do it? It is important to remember that in every person, even the smallest, already mortgaged some of his personal abilities and inclinations. Parents can consider these characteristics of their child, and using family resources to help them to develop, to unfold in full. For this you need to maintain emotional contact, to follow the child and show him different possibilities. The advanced education can help a lot. If the child is interested in researching any area of science, sport, needlework and the like, it is important to give this interest a place in a child's life, to help him realize it. After understanding yourself, your interests and opportunities lays a solid Foundation for the correct choice of profession in the future, helps us to understand "what is mine" and "not mine."
what could it be that from visiting "circles" more harm than good? Unfortunately, Yes. For example, when parents walk child "everywhere": "We go swimming, to chess, to dance, to karate, etc, that was busy! Then the bad thoughts and deeds in a head will not climb," they say. But in today's world children are so very busy information (school, TV, mobile phone, social. Network). Do I need to overload them additional classes, which do not cause the child much enthusiasm?
There is another danger is to drive the child everywhere, "out of love". "I care about his overall development!". The parent is thus a substitute for their presence, their love numerous hikes in the additional section. And then instead of emotional contact with the mom and dad, instead of joint activity, discovery and intimacy, the child receives another boring lesson or exhausting exercise.
In these cases, from "circles" will do more harm than good. Therefore, it is important not quantity but quality: like a child or not, I wonder if he. If "it" is not interesting, then what is? It so happens that parents don't take seriously some other interest of the child and dismiss his requests, write it in a "circle", they say, is "not serious," "and then another singer will" or "dancing is not for boys". They can further impose on the child "prestigious" profession, to which he has no interest. And then the child has all the chances to get a job, which will be his prison.
Every parent can ask yourself questions: "how do I choose a profession? If I love your business? Myself I made the decision about the choice of profession? Am I satisfied with my choice?". After all, children learn by the example of their parents, and they don't even need to tell you something, and so they see everything.
Therefore, a definite answer to the question: do "circles" and sections in the choice of future profession - no. Listen and watch carefully to your child and then, most likely, you will make the right decision. br>

Natalia Odarchenko
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