Влияние власти на поведение человека


So what power exactly does
so it changes the psychological state of the person
/ Professor Galinsky.

There is an opinion that power corrupts man, that man, endowed with power, more violates the generally accepted norms and rules.

is it So, let's deal.

we Can assume that to power their way people who already have certain qualities. But quite often we hear that "nice guy", having received the portfolio of the government, eventually became a petty tyrant. They say that his power is ruined.

In one of the schools of America have been researching on various criteria: how to change the behavior of the person in authority. And it was noted that almost all changed the tone of the voice, it grew and became more monotonous.

In history there is an example about the iron lady Margaret Thatcher. She studied the art of eloquence and fine spoke in Parliament. But her subordinates said to them she spoke in a voice high, loud, and sometimes even shrill.

I Wonder why the boss yells at subordinates? What is the benefit?
As you know, "king makes retinue". Do you know why? Because if he did not obey, then what is he the king? Raising the voice is a show of force and power, is a manifestation of aggressive behavior, bullying.

How usually a person receives information about himself?
From other people, we constantly exchange information with the environment.

  • you can at least 100,000 times to tell yourself that you are the leader, but if you have no followers and the team, and leader you can not be considered.
  • But if you say 10,000 times that you are the leader that is waiting for your opinion and it will be key, and you are equal to thousands, then eventually you believe it and you will feel like a real leader.

When a person gets power, the environment (formation) begins to send him special feedback: in the eyes of admiration and subservience, and sometimes fear, in the speeches of flattery, approval, poddakivanija, people are afraid to Express their disagreement. And the person begins to feel special, and it turns out that he had a great sense of humor, because everyone around laughing at his jokes. And anyway, understanding that people depend on the person psychologically, financially, mentally gives him the opportunity to influence already on this very feedback.

somehow my friend, the owner of a small factory, admitted that it easily removes from the environment or disgruntled critics. They say, your whining violate the atmosphere of respect and approval. "I told him - you're a smart guy, you have nothing in the submission to go, go build your factory, because you know better than me what is right". This powerful man now he creates his reality in which his environment at all approve of.

Remember the well-known experiment under the leadership of the American psychologist Philip Zimbardo, who was called "Stanford prison experiment"? Briefly let me remind you that selected students volunteers for a two-week experiment and blindly divided into prisoners and guards. So, ordinary students, fully empowered, began to mock the guys who were in the role of prisoners. As Zimbardo wrote:

a two-week experiment to study the behavior of prisoners and guards in conditions simulating a prison, was completed in 6 days, because the circumstances presented a real threat to the lives of participants.

One of the jailers, Eshleman, later admitted:

I realized that in some situations can make things I would be ashamed. I've done terrible things. If I had the chance again to be in the shoes of a prison guard, I would never use it.

Power dulls the ability to show empathy. According to psychologist Dacher of Keltner, an American Professor,

a man under authority, similar to the patient with a damaged orbitofrontal cortex of the brain; this condition is characterized by extreme impulsivity and insensitivity to others.

Although you could say the opposite, that the deprivation of a person of authority, returns him the ability to think like human beings. And a good example of this former Russian Minister Ulyukayev, who, after depriving him of power and sentenced to 8 years in prison said that now he understands how hard living people and what injustice faced. And that we need to help each other.

Well, and finally, a bit about lies and hypocrisy.
it was established Experimentally that people in positions of authority, it is easier to lie, they lie secreted less cortisol. In five studies it was found that they impose strict moral standards on other people, but this behavior is not practiced. A good example of this - service GAI gbdd or, at least, before, with full video control on the roads.

In General, as said in 159 BC terencius:

What is allowed to Jupiter is not permitted to a bull.br>
Oberderfer Natalia
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