Влюбляюсь только в иностранцев. Отношения.


I Want to tell You about why this sometimes happens for example work with the client from Moscow – cute, natural blonde, 29 years old, with a perfect figure.

she Came to me because he wants to leave and forget your ex-man. He was a Hispanic male, older than her 11 years. We live in different countries, serious relationship he offers, plus he's very stingy. Relationships do not develop further, and the client already wants to start a family and have children.

This man constantly makes itself felt (communication via SMS, Skype) and rare short meeting 1 – 2 times a month.

Despite this, the client is not simply given work on module raslablenija, there was a lot of resistance and tears. But now not about it. I want to talk about the fact that she absolutely did not consider Russians to be married. The orientation was clearly to foreigners.

She said her previous man was Italian, until this relationship was also in the same style.

Asked: "You're so cute, aren't you not know?" She says, "No, I can almost not suitable, but who may once in half a year, in the subway, and even then not seriously."

I immediately thought that this might be worth something, and we started to work out this situation, as the client understand and realize their problem and decided to try other relationships.

Out on the fact that when she was a teenager, peers did not perceive it, the relationship is not lined up, teased her, and she decided then that it was not her guys. We removed this.

the Following reminiscence of steel series – "soap Opera" where everything was beautiful and romantic, though far from the truth. Now the client is aware of this, and it took an excessive fascination.

Then she said that foreigners are more educated, passionate, better treat women. And then she began to understand the truth. It turns out that actually, all people are different, and the two last men had consumed alcohol and dabbled in drugs, and used her, giving nothing, and not offering anything in return.

And then we moved on to the exterior features a dark – haired and brown-eyed macho is not very suited for serious relations, and among Russian men pretty much cute, secured and suitable for marriage.

Then he remembered something from the childhood she wanted to live in Spain or Italy, and have decided that to get there she will only be married to a foreigner.

It also was reflected in her life – excessive desire not to be incarnated in her life. After work, she began to understand that it is possible to have their homes abroad, not necessarily associating it with a man because, as there is some intertwining of the two situations, is to separate one from the other, giving yourself more freedom.

In General, the problem was disassembled into components and solved, now the girl has expanded its capacity, realizing that there are other men.

Well, I want to summarize based on my work experienced psychologist, I have had similar work issues. And usually in the lives of the clients of the interesting changes. Recently, I called one of my clients, and said that is on the street so many interesting men, and they pay attention to it. If she walked with downcast eyes, not paying any attention to anybody, but now she began to look around and get tokens

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