Вместо чувства праздника - пустота. Что делать?

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Sometimes catch myself on the fact that gone is the sense of occasion. Love for the New Year, the charm and magic left somewhere far away, maybe even in childhood. And now this place is empty, hollow. "Over the year. And I was like, the end. I don't feel anything" - a common feeling of many people, the eve of the holiday.
Once "the day the magic happens" turned into a chore and a puzzle - "how to survive New Year's resolution": to modify, to find gifts, think about a menu to choose the nice company.
meanwhile, winter depression makes itself felt a lack of strength, tiredness from work makes quietly hate everyone, especially those who are already being prepared for the holiday and happy (almost forcibly) prompts you to go for mandarins, hang lights, do the cleaning... but that's just "the way" is the most honest what is going on inside.

What to do?
actually, you already have everything in order to regain a sense of occasion. br>
1. You have the time. Do not be greedy and spend it on being with yourself, to accept yourself with all your senses, losses and wins;

2. You have feelings. Allow yourself to feel what is not usually allowed to give "stuck", to mourn the lost, to live negabarita. There is a paradox – if you suppress the negative, the opportunity to experience the pleasure of life gone, too. So allow yourself to feel the aftertaste of the experience, whatever it is: loss, grief, longing, anger, sadness, jealousy, anxiety, worry, powerlessness, meaninglessness, etc. Is an important part of us, and this part is in need of our acceptance;

3. You have a voice. Tell us about all. Tell a friend. Or write a letter to someone or something. Compose a poem or a song, make a drawing about their experiences. Or make an appointment with the psychologist, he will help to formulate and to Express what you feel;

4. You have the victory. to
Acknowledge them. They may be small, but meaningful to you: say no when you always say Yes; not kicked the cat, although I wanted to; got up for work: "I woke up this morning - well done!" Everything important to you – is worthy of recognition. So do not skimp on good feelings: joy, admiration, pride, jubilation, gratitude; Praise yourself as follows;

Thus, you making room for the miracle, which you did not previously allowed it, he could not go because the place was not for him; because all the insides plump scored unexpressed concerns and feelings.

as a child we believed in Santa Claus. Now we have matured and know how much effort we should perform a miracle. When you adult, Santa Claus can come only if you will be. And even if we already know how difficult it is, to grow up and be adults who great difficulty doing miracles, and yet, nothing prevents You to release a "place" for faith in the power, mystery and the tale of the New Year. br>
Well, then you can proceed to cleaning the house, go for mandarins, garlands and gifts 🍊🍊🍊

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