Внутренняя пустота


Almost everyone who wants to know and accept himself or herself (often with the help of psychotherapy), meets his inner void.

That emptiness does not appear suddenly. It is a consequence of the collapse of all that has been built over many years significant for us people (mom, dad, grandmothers, grandfathers, teachers, etc.). This knowledge of himself, and opinions about others and about the world in General, plus understanding what is good and what is bad, and a hell of a set of meanings and attitudes…

Always easier to break than to build!

the collapse of the “old” is sometimes quite rapidly (and often painfully), and in its place a new, THEIR own, just do not have time to line up, so temporarily have a hole.

Meeting with the internal void scares, accompanied by feelings and feeling broken ground from under my feet. There is a desire to fill that emptiness with something, even other people's meanings, to find urgently what could be hooked and feel the support. br>

Fear emptiness - a fear to face your true self, to know themselves, especially their dark side. People don't give themselves time in order to discover themselves and to build THEIR vision of the world, and flee from the emptiness of addiction: alcohol, work 24/7, social networking…

In such moments clients say that they are bad and scary, some even starting to regret that I ruined, because it was bad, but all clear, and now…. now they just need the support! And they get it, only not in the form of salvation, and my faith in them.

the Meeting with emptiness is reminiscent of the pause, when you just need to stop and listen to yourself…

If you stand in this moment, to survive, you will have all chances to meet your true self and hear their true needs, get acquainted with their weaknesses and strengths, hear their injured child…

It was during this period begin to come the right questions to yourself. It was during this period that YOU find YOUR answers, which will gradually fill your void with new meanings and knowledge about yourself.

His senses!!! Based on that, you will live your life.

This is the result of the search itself. Through the void, to survive, to find their own meanings, to accept yourself and to rely on your holistic personality with all its strengths and weaknesses.

Meet with a real, possible only by passing through the void!

the Emptiness frees up space for understanding and love to yourself!

There are those who have gone this way? How did you get on?

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