"In the shops of the city appeared fake Christmas decorations. Outwardly indistinguishable from the real, but the joy from them whatsoever."

You know the feeling that what you are looking for is hiding somewhere close and that's it? Lost next, skin, felt his presence. You can turn the house upside down in a painful search of the coveted item. And what is more necessary something is, the stronger the feeling that "somewhere here."

an Amazing phenomenon. So you can only search for a) something that you just held hands, groped, touched — you know it. b) what seems to be not extinct, not lost completely.

Came to me for counseling-guidance, are forgotten or happiness to do what you love and to be loved, or the feeling of meaningfulness of their own lives. To those who came for vocational guidance, it seems that he will find that that is already familiar in a new profession, which he had not tried.

I guess if you're one of these "lost and found" and love to look together with someone, come look for lost happiness. I'll ask when and where You last saw what it looks like? How did you feel? How or what You yourself were? You tell me what's new in your life since. What pleasant or unpleasant discovery for what happened. The losses since then, the people, meanings, spontaneity happened. We'll see You block your happiness, that it separates, beneath that your happiness or the meaning of "rolled back". But this is a digression and an invitation for career guidance-psychotherapy.

And meaning notes about something else - if you lost, you can ask yourself all the same questions I would have asked You for advice(I wrote them above) - where, when, how looks happiness for You. But if you're desperate to find something from what it was and decide to look for a new — do not be guided by past experience, it will only knock down. If inner compass you are already familiar road "Should be and then there is happiness to me" most likely you will come exactly back where trying to get away. The new profession should not come, the longing for the lost Paradise. Looking for a new best through curiosity, excitement and desire for novelty. When everyone pulled up, so wow! and I want to know what I sposobnostima. Usually the person in this state have nothing to fear and especially tips, career guidance and so on is not needed.

If you're pining for your lost — I'm afraid you will each time be disappointed, as the fake Christmas decorations, which I buy every year, hoping to buy happiness.

sincerely, Alexander Senicka

Senicka Alexander
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