"Воскресный невроз "

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"Sunday neurosis"

Meeting with the internal loneliness is one of the main problems of today's life. People are afraid of thinking about death, live in "eternity", which is the feeling of loneliness.

There are people neurotic personality which are very well adapted to avoid in professional life.
Such people often experience problems on the weekend, when work is not structuring their time. Staying alone, they experience anxiety, or Vice versa lethargy. Trying to keep busy, regardless of interest, are engaged in exhausting activities a variety of activities.
the Problem with these people is that they have the whole world, but they don't have themselves.
With this way of building relationships is that people fall into addiction, from other people, from computer games, from chemicals, they are looking for a company where you can "drink to forget", non-collapsible shopping from anything that will fill their world. They go into a neurotic escape into the world of novels of intrigue, where and manage to identify themselves.
This method of building relationships over time, leads to isolation, avoidance of close contacts, building relationships based on mutual benefit, not on the sincere proximity.

But with time and there someone is disappointed.
It comes to the main fear, which is perhaps not understood - the inevitability of his own death, his existential void, both in physical and spiritual sense. And only by embracing the inevitability of growing old or dying, people can be complacent: every day, opening new experience of the silence or something new. The ability to listen in "silence" without TV or loud music, no alcohol or no escape in nothing promising novels may give the chance to see without fear my soul. And maybe even that the soul is the "inner child ", who once, long ago, in childhood, the "left" one with their fears, uncertainty, etc.

First step will learn to hear yourself, your breath, your needs, accept your weaknesses and mistakes. Feel and allow yourself to be.

Temiz Svetlana
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