«Вспышки-заигрывания» в процессуальной психологии.

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"Flash-flirting" in procedural psychology.

"All the buttons, all fleas, all the items mean something.
And for a reason, some creep, others gallop.
I distinguish the outlines inaudible conversation:
About something tells the tail of
something hints shaving device.
You herring filed. You happy.
But do not rush to send it in the mouth
look, Look! She gives you the signal."
“Inspiration” N. Oleynikov 1932

Procedure, also called procedural approach in psychology, is the Foundation of a simple but effective theories and practices developed in the last quarter century, Arnold and Amy Mindell, as well as their counterparts in Switzerland, USA and other countries. Rooted in analytical Jungian psychology, Taoism and physics.

Procedural psychology is a broad and multifaceted approach that involves working with their inner experiences, chronic symptoms, conflicts resolution, work relationships. Arnold Mindella the discovery was made that dream happen not only at night, but that dreaming process showedit in the body at the moment – and how a person speaks, moves, how it feels and if you watch it, you can catch his dream.

In his work, his books Arnold Mindell showed how you can use fleeting, vanishing, faint, similar to the flash acts of perception to gain access to the Dream and a more complete understanding of your dreams. He called these perceptions "flash-flirting" they represent "presignal" and easy to overlook.

Modern psychology defines Perception as a reflection of the person of an object or phenomenon as a whole with direct impact on the senses. Perception, like sensation, is primarily connected with the analyzer device through which the environment affects the human nervous system. We can say that it's the aggregate of feelings. And the perception of the object as a complex object requires analytic-synthetic function of cerebral departments of analyzers. Perceptions are of different types, shapes and sizes.

typically, the subject as a whole, will stand out against all other things and is often allocated to an object, phenomenon or sensation of the many other, already familiar to the man and he again and again picks him. The duration of this perception is longer, and this object or phenomenon is easy to identify and name a than more duration split second "flash-flirting" - as they are called in procedural psychology.

"Flash-flirting", these are fast and imagined interactions that occur between the observer and the observed. It's barely noticeable presignal that occur too fast, in the blink of an eye – just as a blinking light bulb and turn on and off. The fleeting nature of these signals, like short bursts and they concentrate very hard and easy to overlook. This signal flirts with you, capturing your attention. This is gruzopodemnye interaction between the observer and the observed. Mindell recalls Australian aborigines living in their natural environment, that aboriginal people "could perceive a tree as having the ability to capture his attention, to "flirt" with him, so he was drawn to look at the tree. The tree, as if winking at you, and then, as a consequence of flirting, you will find that you are drawn to see it. According to the views of aboriginal objects have the ability to capture our attention, flirting with us before we look". These experiences are double-sided and seem meaningless and vague to be important. They are similar to dreams from dreams that are not always conscious mind can remember them. They happen so fast that you can easily forget about them. Flash-advances represent an "ephemeral" feelings, thoughts, and sensations that arise and pass quickly. We have no accurate idea of their contents and value.

But our body can respond to "flash - flirting": it can be sudden sighs, changing depth, rhythm, breathing or other subtle, quick signals such as wince, eye movements, eyebrows. Can emit a low sound that can Express some kind of surprise or indignation. To perceive these signals requires a certain natrenirovannosti in catching these flirting. Mindell advises: "to catch these things, you need to be truly agile and to have awareness, and you must be in a clear state of consciousness. You need to be agile like a cat looking for mouse". This is a great way in order to find the Dream and the force that expresses Itself. Flirting can you tell us about yourself lot of interesting and unexpected.

Flirting is always happening around us is like a living dream. In the morning, Wake up, we do not always remember the dreams we dreamed last night, but these sudden perception always occur. To be agile like a cat, it is possible to sit patiently in a burrow and wait to see when you see the mouse, and then catch the "flash-flirting".

the Advantage of working with flirting is that they are always there; they are living the Dream. People don't always dream but these sudden perception always occur. First, there is a kind of trend, then our attention is drawn to any flirting. If we catch these fleeting and barely noticeable presignal, they unfold in the images of dreams and, in the end, reality and consciousness. But if we ignore these messages, which appear in the form of flirting and fleeting flashes of experiences, they are displaced, and we forget the essence of their experiences, and then in the conventional reality of everyday consciousness overshadows what arises from presignals.

Lyudmila Serbina - Ph. PS.n, psychotherapist EAP

Serbina Lyudmila
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