"Втяни живот!"- программа тотального контроля за телом.


"Suck in your stomach! Suck in your stomach so you look slimmer..." - often spoke to Mama Lena. Lena tried. Sucked, sucked and sucked. The stomach has now been retracted as it should always. At home, on the street and especially when people to seem slimmer.

And then I became proud of Lena as its quite a flat stomach. Even with a weight of 93 kg it did not have much, he was always involved... And not just have adult Lena realized why it is so cool to relax the tummy and not to pull it. Indeed, it is now official permission is pregnancy! All pregnant walking around with bellies, so it should be...

In the second pregnancy Lena looked to your feelings already more closely and carefully. And again, she was in pleasure and allowing himself to relax for nine months and do not involve the stomach. It turns out to have a relaxed body - it's so cool, so cool!

Pregnancy is over, and the old habit to look slimmer at the expense of his stomach returned with full force. It turned out that nine months is negligible in order to stop the machine to suck in the gut, and most importantly, when people experience SHAME for your Neftyanoy the stomach.

Lena continued observation of him. It turned out that she even slept with folded belly and relax it was already extremely difficult and problematic. On the street, on the beach she always thought that all men look only at her belly, burning shame (in its imperfection) prevented believe that it is another reality altogether.

Lena decided to act! It changed its thinking, perception, relaxing the belly, kept the shame. Because the body is not designed to look why something slimmer, and not to feel shame. Her body is created for life, love, joy and happiness. Work on relaxation is still ongoing, but Lena already loves his tummy the way he is.
And how are you? Stomach? How do you like it? Love your tummy, okay? Feel shame for your body? Moms of girls saw for themselves the important information?

Blog "the Psychology of harmony"

Semerikova Elena
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