I was approached by a client from Moscow on the issue of the fact that her husband (they live together not so long ago) does not give her the money that she would have wanted. The woman calls him a miser, says he is a very wealthy man, has a few apartments. Financially he pays for their life: housing, buy food, and if she needs to buy (not very expensive), tries to control the money, and gives you a fair amount, no-frills Client is annoying and humiliating, especially if she had to give a report and asking for money.

the Woman is revolted by such behavior, said that her previous husband, with whom she lived 12 years longer trusted her completely secured and are not financially restricted.

I note that now the money situation changes every year, and I'm not talking about the economy and about a certain sphere of financial relations in the pair. Often I come to the ladies who accuse their men of avarice, thinking that he just needs to give her a stack of money if earns a lot, and not to ask where they went.

But in fact it turns out that men it was not that more greedy as you think ladies, they just started to think of the situation. Men believe that they are free to manage their money as they see fit. It is somewhat westernized version of this: it is normal that everyone pays for themselves, and only rely on your finances. We schooled the old fashioned way, and this can not accept, and begin to lay claim to men.

of Course, it would be great to meet our requirements, but if not, you have to look for some financial consensus and in advance, perhaps, to discuss financial cooperation to avoid hard feelings and unrealistic expectations.

the situation is Somewhat different when the family plans children, then it is assumed that a woman will not work and the man has to provide for her. So, the best option would be, again, speaking to no offense in advance, or indirectly to try to understand the opinion of the future partner on the financial side of the relationship.

If we go back to my client from Moscow, her forties, a man in his early fifties. Children together is not planned, moreover, he has a daughter whom he raised alone, mind early death of her mother (his ex wife).

Now the daughter is twenty, and she has recently married a quite wealthy guy. Client's husband (the father), she does not deny. He bought his daughter a car, an apartment, or even one.

Civil wife mad: "why, why is he daughter puts up with me and what to do to here it has changed?" - In fact, it appears that in this family it was opened: dad took all the money issues on, and raised a daughter like a Princess. She, of course, somewhere sat on his neck, but what do you do partly have to accept this situation. Even so, it should behave like a wise woman. Do not make him a brain, and try to ruin the relationship between father and daughter.

When we began working with problem as my client from Moscow, it appeared that her inner child jealous inner child daughter. The lady in the childhood never had and money is always not enough. Therefore, I as a therapist, family psychologist, trim and smoothed the situation.

Then the woman should make the behavior of a wise woman, one that can shift the attention of the man, lightly push the daughter, putting it in second position. But now the head men present while financial distrust, because of his second marriage, when he was financial fraud by the former wife.

We have identified this issue and has already moved in this direction. But this work is quite challenging, simultaneously changing the vision of the client. It becomes more right look at what is happening with him and his associates, removed the veil of insults at everyone and everything, and eliminated the non-acceptance of yourself, others and the world. This will be our closest vector directions.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

Afanasyev Lily
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